Charging slimming belly, and sides of home

Exercise, weight loss, belly and sides

Degrade This woman? First, thick thighs and waist. The imperfection immediately creates a negative impression of a whole figure. I think a lot of the girls bothered to lose weight fast at home effectively, especially since this is a remove a hateful and sides, which spoil the appearance. In today's article we will talk about this important topic, namely that the most effective exercises for slimming and a women at home, thanks to which you will soon be able to not be ashamed of a naked test. To achieve this goal you should do some simple exercises, and the exercises slimming a's, and then home, but all in good time.

What you need to do to lose weight

There are several ways, methods, exercises, how to get rid of the "burden", and change for the better. First you need to select not only the number of exercises provided exercise, but also to the daily food menu. In this article we will learn how to handle a deposition of fat cells a waist, hips and right to breathe, to lose weight, then a nice gain shape, a frequency of performing a physical effort, healthy diet daily menu figure overall was in good shape, and a beautiful, graceful kind. So this is all a exercises for slimming and home for women.

Effective exercises for slimming and a women at home

Twisting exercises for weight loss belly sides

Some women don't know what tools to use, to a waist or hip he was, beautiful, elegant. Way to that deficit, get rid of many, but how to choose those terms that actually are necessary to successfully disbursed by the eu structural and to achieve a positive result?

Some of pécs or the propeller to look for a girl with a special coach / instructor, but not everyone that visit the clubs, fajbiológia, time, money. Therefore, coaches, trainers, professionals beautiful, healthy shape, developed a number of special exercises for weight loss can be performed at home to tighten and strengthen the muscles, a test.

Exercises applying physical effort, it can strengthen the muscles of high-strain, as well as the "fifth" point, take the fat, a waist, and hips. This is, first and foremost, exercises for strengthening or forming a line, press the button, here: standard mean boards, various rollers, easy running, exercises that simulate bike riding, exercise, repetitive movement of the scissors, an active swing each leg , as well as the simultaneous increase of the voltage, the mind, the muscles of a test. Learn more about how all this will be discussed exercises below.

Unique high breathing includes breathing exercises bodyflex. This special technique is able not only to balance the air, and then the whole update body the flow of blood to fill the main respiratory organs – lungs, air, ether oxygen, but really, to lose weight.

The exercises using the different cargo to various weight weight to contribute to the strengthening of the abdominal muscles of the hip, and ezek destroy fat of a body parts.

Important! You don't need to participate in a stuffy room. It deprives a test's power is threatened by dehydration. The best a train in a early morning hours, when air is a cool, fresh.Later in the evening, the fresh air or open the Windows!

Charging slimming belly, and sides of home

Positive physical action in the form of exercise often you need to perform supine to a position resting on the ground. Here are the best ways to lose fat a form:

  1. Popular winding is performed supine a position, squeeze the shoulder blades to the ground, bent at the knees feet slightly touch, to actively and dramatically raise above the floor of a test, a strain, try to touch the elbow on the other knee. The left elbow touch the right patella, a right elbow sharply try to touch the left knee. A palm holding up his head. Ezek a physical action can be performed many times;
  2. Bike — quickly and easily burn the fat from the side, take the "pants" and the "ears" of the hip. Prelolitas Then back to the ground, hands on the neck, legs bent at the knees, but individually, rotational motion, simulating Cycling;
  3. Scissors — they are forced to work the press, the mind of the muscles, inner, mind, a outer thigh, to help them strengthen, give a slender appearance. Physical operations must be performed lying on your abdomen, the point lies in the fact that at the same time the elevator straight to the feet, above the floor only a puncture they can be to each other. This practice gives a positive effect, if in a recumbent position;
  4. Popular strap — beneficial effect on the muscles of a test, makes them work sound. "Bar" complete lie parallel to the floor, relying on the hand piece "elbow-wrist", your toes, pull the belly up to tense, keep your back straight so that your torso doesn't bend, parallel to the floor. Hold the position that you need, how much is enough, the physical strength;
  5. A great way to strengthen abs – simultaneous termination of the legs above the floor an angle of 30 degrees. Tap back on the ground, hand extended, nice and quiet, a test edge, pull it straight up and then slowly lift your extended legs to an angle of 30 degrees. Ensures Practice is a strong tension is a direct, not a problem, an oblique abdominal muscles, helps to strengthen;
  6. Familiar exercises – alternating swing both legs. Mahi's leg to keep some balance hands on any available vertical successfully disbursed by the eu structural. Exercise the blood circulation will be throughout the body, making the flexible joints, or "shake" the whole muscle tissue;
  7. A great practice mannequins – deep squatting , imaginary chair. Girl skipping ropeYou need to sit down, they're low, like a real sit chair. Exercise actively press trains the stomach, strengthens the buttocks, the thigh inside and outside, strengthening your legs;
  8. A great way to look at a waist thinner – spin daily one or hula-Hoop Rings. The best to have a metal Hoop, a Hoop or a weighted spikes, and an additional weights. So is muscle tissue waist exposed to strong mechanical stress, which contributes to good a good form to settle. Hoops, if you want, twist the hips. Ad This is a positive effect. Such a mechanical effect on muscle tissue, fat cells, like the "collapse" each other, and then disappear forever;
  9. Running is the best way to get the shape slim, and remove all unnecessary. Trains aren't just a test, but from the circulatory system, actively accelerates blood throughout the body, trains the muscles of the legs, buttocks, test. Transport, clean air in the whole body, the correct breathing, help you get rid of the extra pounds;
  10. Jump rope – a great tool to shake in a test cells and make even more slender. Jump just the fajbiológia, better in the fresh air. Jump rope be in one place, but can be a process running. Equally useful!

Breathing exercises for weight loss belly sides

Effective weight loss exercises for belly and sides really help in solving the problem. A number of methods to strengthen abdominal muscles, as well as destruction of the layer of fat in the legs, waist.

Body Flex – breathing techniques, which contributes to the destruction of the excess fat cells in the body. Practice to perform better on an empty stomach, where the emphasis is on breathing, rather than the physical action. This technique involves the air you breathe gradually, in several steps, to keep the air time of a certain, then a strong exhalation of air in the lungs. Practice effect of the delay of air in the lungs a little time, but the strong exhale. In a second It's under the fat and just the negative, my body burned.

Bodyflex includes daily classes in fifteen or twenty minutes, which will lead quickly to the desired result, the permanent repairs.

  • Before you begin to perform a physical action all – each member should be provided a body. Legs evenly shoulder width and slightly bent in the knees, joints, a test to thin a little, the palms should rest a little above the knee. Begin to breathe deeply, many push the air out of the lungs so it wasn't a drop of air, then forced through the nose, and then breathe again we breathe in we draw mind, the muscles, the for. Exhale strongly through the mouth, pulling your stomach inside, you need to hold your breath for a while. Ezek the measures, it is better to repeat up to ten times;
  • Sit in a chair with a bent leg throw over the other. The right hand rests on the knee of the left, the left hand behind the back. A complete cycle of a practice consists of more air, delay the light, the air, exhalations. Therefore, it is necessary to pull the knee of the left leg, so that a test wave, the voltage so that all the muscle: waist, and outer thighs. The Plank exercise, weight loss, belly and sidesIn this situation, the fat, a waist, and the hips under, to quickly exert pressure burning, which contributes to a formation of beautiful lines of the figure. A few repetitions, and then from the other side of a line.

Respiratory system occisis different bodyflex breathing, practice a application of the sharp air, physical stress. In this system the weight loss a significant role in starting to play more short, sharp breath. Equipment of this system consists in a very deep breath to three short breaths, deep volumetric primary exhalation, and then three short exhalations. The breathing technique has a positive impact after the meal, to breathe, so at least thirty or forty times. The breathing technique, gives an energetic momentum created to the entire body, which helps to burn fat cells.

Exercises at the gym weight loss a waist and side

Take fat one, and then from the side, you can practice a special equipment by using the weights and additional weights.

  1. special horses are horses really helps to strengthen the test every part. During employment, it is necessary that the strong emphasis on the legs, clinging to this time, arms crossed over your chest. The weight of a load under a foot adjustable;
  2. simulator cardioverter ability of the muscles to load fine, the the abdomen, side, back. Movable pedal simulator equipped with necessary cargo and the legs movement like by simply turning;
  3. the trainer is a formation pack abs, a, on a bench, the load is located at the end of a bench, a leg. Classes on a bench helps to work the whole body, to finally entitled twist, in any direction, and the desired amplitude. Form of a narrow strip mill, results of the voice, the buttocks, the thighs removes the effects of the "pants".

How to question in a exercise weight loss was more effective

Exercises slimming's and a women's home to an infinite number. But the load on a body and give the desired result only if a high rational feeding. Physical balanced load, healthy food – a perfect symbiosis, the positive impact, and to ensure that in a long time.

A high nutrition of the daily menu should include all parts of any organization without which you will not be able to fully exist.

During training the necessary protein, and carbohydrates. Animal protein-mainly meat, diet is the best: rabbit, chicken, Turkey, quail, fish. Plant protein is needed for a full life – beans, gave me seeds.

The carbohydrates lighter, burn the body faster than proteins. They give you energy, strength, nutrition, the book publisher, in a good mood. In this case, a natural very good honey, chocolate, fruits, dairy products, sugar, flour, in moderation, compotes and jam. To lose weight, the best carbohydrates to a in the morning a little bit.

Meals it is advisable to boil, then simmer, cook using double or boiler. Observe the correct diet, don't eat dinner too late. Night, to finish the job, the bowels, a glass of kefir, fresh, you can add a spoon of bran. Ensure That a full sleep, rest, good, that green tea, a small amount of peppermint or lemon balm.

Slim body, is beautiful the the result of regular, effective exercises for slimming a and home, a a high high in breathing, balanced diet, a desire and that beautiful, slim!

Then, as you look at the number? Do exercises for slimming a there and at home, doing breathing exercises, follow the diet? Or you always let go?