Remedies for weight loss in pharmacies

Today many people are looking for remedies for weight loss the pharmacies. Reviews, these drugs can be heard, quite controversial. An extremely happy, that a simple way to get rid of excess weight, others with tears in his eyes recalled the bitter experience. What determines the success of the reception of the pharmaceutical drug the weight loss? The answer is simple: in each case should be approached from the standpoint of common sense, to listen to the recommendations of a professional.

The doctors believe, the idea that the pills for weight loss not quite right. Many weight loss products in pharmacies, reviews about which you have to listen to the doctors, the patients, can be dangerous to your health. Easy quick weight loss all is full of negative consequences. Can be of great harm to the body, and the length of treatment will be difficult. Think about whether or not a problem maybe for weight loss of those victims!


However, the drug drug alike. Some of them are quite harmless, and bowel diseases nothing terrible is not compromised. However, all weight loss products the pharmacies, reviews about which even the lips, can be divided into two main groups: biologically active food supplements; pharmaceutical products; other means. Let's look at each of them.

Dietary supplements for weight loss

These medicines for a long time, quite firmly established in the everyday life. Now, many people still wonder: "How early are we without them?" They come in various forms: tablets, drops, syrups, powders, and tea. Supplements of different origin, composition. They can be divided into medicinal, para pharmaceuticals.

Food supplements, medicinal

These drugs may include at least medicinal substances. These food supplements. The most expensive are made from natural plant materials, it contains a lot of useful biological substances in the active, digestible form. These remedies for weight loss pharmacy are opinions for the most part positive. Really improves the general condition of the organism, promote cleansing, and reduce the appetite, and is very soft. Contains the natural vitamins and minerals to improve the condition of skin, hair, nails. This is probably the best weight loss products in pharmacies, reviews confirm this. The effect of them, of course, can not be compared to medical drugs, but softer, less damage from them. The only contraindication to such therapy can be individual intolerance to the components included in the composition.

Supplements, para-pharmaceuticals

These drugstore remedies for weight loss opinions different: both positive and negative. Part of para pharmaceuticals contains substances similar in action to the drugs. In this connection, the fact that abuse is not recommended. This group includes: Anorectics or drugs to control feelings of hunger by reducing your appetite. Data pharmacy remedies for weight loss effective (reviews confirm this). However, we recommend that you select anorectics without caffeine, as this may contain very high concentrations. May cause insomnia and heart problems. Anorectics are available in various forms: in the form of tablets, sprays and drops. These include herbs, vitamins, sodium benzoate. A dietary Supplements, anorectics are made based on essential oils. It is known that these fragrant substances are capable of the human body is a miracle: to promote weight loss and reduce your appetite.


If you want to buy such a anorectic, pay attention to the cost. Real essential oils are expensive, if the price of the drug is small, a fake goods with added fragrance. Use, slimming effect. A forgery can be recognized, a drop of oil on a piece of paper. Quality basic product does not leave residue and completely evaporates. Try to buy such a drugs for weight loss the pharmacies. Appreciate people who have experience with these funds suggests that it can defend the purchase of counterfeit goods. The so-called fat burner – a diet product in the pharmacy. Reviews about to help them to the following conclusion: the drug is obvious effect only in the sports hall. Without this condition good results hard to achieve. The big advantage is that it Supplements burn fat to improve the condition of the heart, blood vessels.

Pharmaceutical remedies for weight loss

This group of drugs to combat overweight, the medicamental nature. You should appoint bound the doctor, after a comprehensive examination of the patient. Unjustified use of these medications can lead to irreversible consequences. But if your doctor recommended, then you will be able to find these diet pills, the pharmacies. Opinion, these funds are directly linked to the professionalism of the doctor, who recommended that the patient is overweight. All pharmaceutical drug weight loss can be divided into several groups: - hormonal agents,; - blockers, including the absorption of fats; laxatives, diuretics; agents on the basis of biologically active compounds (amino acids, organic acids, polysaccharides, etc.), synthetic or microbiological means; psychotropic substances active in the brain centers of hunger, satiety.

Hormonal drugs for weight loss

Data pharmaceutical preparations for weight loss reviews are positive, however, the prescribed by a doctor, if indicated. Self-unjustified acceptance of such devices can have serious consequences. Hormonal balance in the body can lead to serious illness, difficult correction. In most cases, the appointment of hormonal drugs is justified, the lack of thyroxine (thyroid produced by), estrogen in women and testosterone in men. Hormone replacement therapy can help severe obesity is associated with insufficient endocrine glands.


Remedies based on biologically active compounds

These drugs contain as the main active substance, biologically active ingredient. Purchased the following drugs for weight loss writes: "L-carnitine". The active ingredient of this medicine is an amino acid, which properties that reduce pain, show antithyroid, antihypoxic properties. The medicine normalizes metabolism, promotes fat loss and slows the absorption of proteins, carbohydrates, and food consumption. It is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation. "XLS duo slim & shape" – Belgian drugs, which in addition to natural extracts contains inulin. This material is a polysaccharide that is not digested by the body, flushes effectively. Also inulin reduces blood sugar levels. The medicine normalizes metabolism, promotes weight loss.

Psychoactive drugs for weight loss

These drugs contain substances, which affect certain areas of the brain responsible for the feeling of hunger and fullness. These centres controlled the human appetite. The most effective and widely used in this practice, the substance sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate. This will directly affect the human brain and suppress the hunger. On the market a variety of medications that contains this substance.

It is worth recalling that the reception of such drugs should be consulted with the doctor. Weight loss pills is an extreme measure. The best means to the realization of perfect proportions, for a healthy, balanced diet, physical activity. Drug correction of weight, will only be accepted if there are serious indications associated with condition.