Exercise, weight loss belly, sides: which compound to choose the women and the men

Please note that the effective exercise for weight loss belly sides can be profitable, if you keep unhealthy lifestyle. If after class to go to the party, dance till the morning, abuse of cigarettes, fussing around the wine, the harmony will not succeed. When deciding to make such drastic changes in your life, remember that you need to change. So it is better to measure, or forces.

  1. Nursing mothers should not quit nursing the weight loss. The body itself, coming the norm during the year. Is permitted only easy, as the simple exercises, and then only after some time after birth in the absence of caesarean section and stitch the dam.
  2. Quit Smoking.
  3. At the time of the diet abstain from alcohol.
  4. Antibiotics, hormones should not take.
  5. The sedentary job, every hour, get up, and then start a little workout somnum muscles.
  6. Walking in the night walking in the fresh air for as long as possible.
  7. In parallel, part mobile available sports. This could be swimming, riding, Cycling.
  8. Get enough sleep.
  9. Try out most of the day, it's fun, good mood.
  10. Don't sit diet: the weight loss during the diet should be balanced.
  11. Limit consumption of fried, pickled, salted, smoked, fast food, carbonated drinks, sugar, flour.
  12. Xerophagy, skinny Breakfast, a snack on the run, a hearty meal was banned.
  13. Professional massage specifically for the consumer in the abdomen and back, improving the outcome. The salons offer various: vacuum, spot (an alternative to acupuncture), water.
  14. A day drink a lot of water. Liters of 1.5-2.

If you follow these recommendations, your breathing and physical exercises for slimming the abdomen and back, and then give the expected results.

Should be a lot of night gatherings at the computer, working late, partying every day, favorite pizza-a coke for a month or two, forget all of this. This requires that the power of a great desire to be slim, beautiful. If you are sure that you will succeed, do not rush immediately to work. First, a physician to identify contraindications.

The Council in the pursuit. Well help lose weight the sides, and stomach anti-cellulite body wraps, honey, chocolate, seaweed. You can make them at home. Don't have time? Subscribe to salon procedures.



The set of exercises for weight loss belly sides had the advantage, did not cause irreparable damage, you need to be absolutely certain that you can perform. This is a sore point for many who want to lose extra.

The proposed classes have a strong impact on a large area, the human body is not only outside but inside. Here he attended the muscles, organs of the abdomen and back. Therefore, the problems of the spine, or the stomach — the first alarm to these classes is contraindicated.

Such a huge physical exertion is prohibited in the following diseases:

  • dysbiosis;
  • gastritis;
  • colitis;
  • hernia;
  • cholelithiasis;
  • inflammation of the pancreas;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • poisoning;
  • any pain in the abdomen, stomach, spine;
  • ulcer;
  • malaise, back, neck;
  • diseases of the spine;
  • implants the body;
  • recent abdominal surgery;
  • diabetes;
  • pregnancy;
  • the first six months after birth;
  • a sickness of the heart.

If you have any health problems, even the most effective workout for weight loss stomach as a result of damage, not a result. I don't need to believe that everything will be fine, will be fine. Contraindications should be taken seriously.

If you are not sure, that it is better to dispel the doubts of the fitness trainer or the doctor. But without the permission to such a move impossible. Well, if health still allows, wouldn't it be a good start to the sporting goods store equipment for.

The comfort. Don't worry, if you exercise for weight loss belly, side contraindicated. tracta, the underlying disease — will be possible.


Regularly, and effectively execute the exercises, the dieting, the abdomen at home, you will need a little bit of sports gear. It is not necessary, since it is possible in extreme cases. But if your goal is to lose weight, and in a short time, it's better if you splurge and buy something. Is that different classes allow you to include a greater number of muscles to make the whole complex more efficient. train

  • Simulators

Today to buy a home gym is possible. Expensive, but worth it, because it allows you to in a short time to achieve results, which not everyone receives in the fitness room. There are other: exercise bike, stepper, elliptical trainer, treadmill, horses, plant, etc. The correct side to fit all. So workout the body weight reduction in the abdominal area, it is better to start the simulator.

  • Dumbbells

Every gym complex weight loss should include exercises for beginners, as the train and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Namely, that the Foundation of the beautiful, flat stomach men, and women. Different weight, which everyone must choose, in accordance with the physical characteristics. Remember: the purpose of such exercises — not vymatyvanie strength, weight loss. Therefore, the desire to maximize the results of the first approach dumbbells can result in breakdown.

  • Hoop (hula Hoop)

The process of slimming the waist will be much faster if the complex contains a torsion of the Hoop. It is worth mentioning: the traditional plastic hula Hoop here is not productive. Buy iron or filler inside. Carved a beautiful number. Men these simple exercises for weight loss belly sides, it is not necessary, although it will not be superfluous. The Hoop — one of the most effective correctors of the problematic body parts. He perfectly restore respiration, stimulates the process of fat burning.

  • Jump rope

I don't think rope is necessary, only exercise the muscles of legs, buttocks . If every day, immediately, for at least 15 minutes, in the process of weight reduction on the site will be much more intense. It's better to miss an opportunity like that?

In addition, the exercises rapid weight loss belly sides, it may be necessary for such simple tools, like a Mat (it will be in each apartment), a ball, a bench or fitness ball. Now depending on the facility you will choose. I didn't find the right product — using your imagination and instead something else that is always at hand. Much more important is the inventory to find the right exercise that allows you to achieve the goal.

Useful information. If you want to lose weight in the stomach, as well as side, you can walk, you can buy a treadmill speed of 10 km/h.

A set of exercises

How to choose the right home exercises for weight loss belly sides, that the performance numquam exhausted to satis est, joy, and et space figure in the right direction?

First try them in advance to understand, allows the physical form to them several times a day. Secondly, despite the fact that they were developed specifically for the problem areas of your body. Thirdly, men and women are different — keep this in mind. Complex


This is the best exercise for weight loss belly sides for women. Your goal is burning fat on the side, a flat stomach and a wasp waist.

  • Breathing exercise

Well, if the complex starts with the breathing exercises. This is the easiest exercise for weight loss belly, which can make even the lazy. Lie on your back, completely relaxed. Bend your knees, the most a deep breath, at the same time increase the stomach. With a sharp exhale, pull the stomach, greatly straining the muscles.

  • Vertical scissors

A great exercise for weight loss the lower abdomen in women. On the ground, hands under your buttocks, press your lower back to the ground. Raise the legs to 90° angle, slowly right lower left to leave the original location. Back to the right side, repeat left. 20 repeat. Stand up, perform a series of 10 infusion in both legs.

  • Twisting

This practice may be applied to the weight loss upper abdomen, since it strengthens the abdomen. Lie down on a flat surface back. Bend legs to 90° angle, to press the soles of the feet on the ground. Hands between his legs. Slightly lift the upper body to reduce the abdominal muscles. When you lift hands. Hold for 3 seconds to return.

  • Broken scissors

Lie on your back. To lift the low legs to part them to the side to hit the weight each other.

  • Hula Hoop

Maybe for women there is no better exercise, weight loss, abdomen, waist, as a class, hula-hoop-hoop, which is a very short period of time portrayed a beautiful, slender silhouette of the number.

  • Squats for beginners

All squats always a very effective exercises, slimming belly, side. And, if you are a little bit harder picking up the dumbbells (choose weight based on your physical abilities) — the result will be several times better.

  • Birch

Lie on your back, pull your legs, hands along the body palms — on the ground. The tribe as possible, the abdominal muscles, maximizing the air. Raise your legs to an angle of 90° relative to the body, to stay 10 seconds. To raise the lower-back pool, palms pressed to the ground. Clutching the rib cage supports the body. The earth must stay on the head, the neck, the shoulder joint. Apartment, 1-2 minutes, gradually back. Head to the ground is impossible. Foot during exercise should be kept straight with the toes can stretch up, breathe evenly, calmly. birch Exercise load

Such cargo, whether pillow. Lie on your back, press and hold the "load" between the legs. Lift the legs low, the pillow fell. Draw several circles with your legs (to start big, finish small). Practice run, while the press start to hurt.

  • Strap

Take the stress than if going to be push-UPS: place palms under shoulders, toes, the other on the ground. Now slightly change the position instead of the palms of the emphasis to use the arm. Drag the body, as a string. Wait a minute.

  • The little mermaid

Lie on your side, both hands to remove the head. Connect feet together to try to pull them out of the ground to the maximum height. The 10 exercises for a few months, that every female figure is irresistible: not deflectens side, only the carved waist, flat stomach.


The next set of exercises designed for fast weight loss belly, side, to confirm the press the men. They do not focus on the wasp waist, belly up, than women. They're cool nerds, famous for the beautiful male body.

  • The climbers

Take the stress than if going to be push-UPS: place palms under shoulders, toes, the other on the ground. To tear the right leg, bent at the knee. Pull up to chest, return to starting position. The same thing with the left leg. It is very important that you don't bend your waist, raise the buttocks. Repeat 20 times, to perform a series of 10 infusion in both legs. Such exercise for weight loss the lower abdomen is very good for the men, which is a beautiful press, the so-called "nerds".

  • Press the swing
This is the best exercise for weight loss belly men. It restores the firmness, elasticity of the skin removes the subcutaneous fat, improves blood circulation. We recommend that you run twice a day 15 times. Remember, a function class: the legs need to remove a few smaller height. For example, put them on a low chair. Hands put behind your head and keep your back straight, breathing is smooth. First, it is difficult to perform the exercise non-stop. Each time, it is desirable to increase the pace.
  • Squats
Squats support tone the buttocks, abdominal muscles. Here you need to consider the following exception: you need to sit down with the greatest emphasis on the entire leg so severely strain the muscles. A run it is suggested that at least 30 squats, perform the exercise twice a day. Squats for weight loss belly sides can be performed in different ways: the dumbbells, lunges legs or the trunk bending in different directions (twisting elements).
  • Shell
Lie on your back, at the same time lift your arms and legs. Try to connect your fingers. This exercise is excellent trains the lower and upper abs. The implementation should be very fast, the amount of 20 or 30 times. Double twisting

Very effective exercise for the abdomen men. Aim of the fat loss side for the press. On the ground, knees slightly bent, put your hands behind your head. Raise your head and feet at the same time, that's how they met. Back to the starting position. Normal 1 approach 30 times.

This 5 exercises effective if applied to the implementation effort. The men are always full, the other that they like. However, you need to spread the load, not to tire yourself physically.

Such practices to perform better every day, but if the fatigue is overwhelming, maybe the first week the weight loss to engage in a day. This is the rule for both men and women.