Wrap slimming belly

Originally used as a way of fighting cellulite, this procedure is quickly moving into the category of the best methods of slimming. Thanks to the ability to significantly reduce the volume of certain parts of the body. For example, wrap slimming belly will not only improve the condition of the skin in this area, but also reduces body fat, reduces the swelling, shapes the waist.

body wrap for weight loss

Particularly useful is the procedure, the young mothers, those who struggle with being overweight. Because, as we know, the pregnancy, the weight loss is not the best way affects the skin and often in the abdomen, still flaccid, hanging, wrinkled. And then wrapped your stomach is able to correct this situation, to return to the old elastic, flat stomach.

Of course, you're not supposed to think that this procedure is like a miracle cure. The stomach part of the body, in which the extra inches to increase easy, but to get rid of them is very difficult. Therefore, in addition to wrap as well as sports, consider again the menu button. Or at least, more active than before, a way of life.

How to make a Spa at home

Home of the best 10-14 wraps, which will make your day. The best day of your procedure, that the fasting – for example, to spend on yogurt or other milk products or green tea, freshly squeezed juices, fruits, vegetables salad. The procedure is best performed on an empty stomach or at least two hours after meals two hours before the next.

Interesting question – when is the best time to wrapped. Many cosmetologists claim that time does not play special value. However, there is a rather interesting fact, which will help you to more intelligently choose the time, because that's the procedure. The fact that during this period, from 22 to 24 hours, the body will produce somatropin, a hormone that promotes weight loss through increased metabolism. Reinforcing the action of this hormone is body wraps you can achieve weight loss in a short time.

Wrap slimming belly: act according to the rules of

This procedure is specifically for the belly, passes by the same rules as the wraps. Let's start with the skin treatment scrub. You can use the finished products for the cosmetic industry, and home.

For example, you can combine a couple of tablespoons of ground coffee of the same amount of your favorite shower, carefully handle the resulting mixture on wet skin. A good cream can also act as sea salt, small grinding, mixed with honey, a few drops of vegetable oil. Very good, if the bush goes through the skin, soaked under a hot bath or sauna. Using the scrub makes the skin, exfoliating, and the effects of, prepare the penetration of the active ingredients.

After using the scrub, rinse, and then we can start wrapping film for weight loss belly.

Prepared for a lot of wraps to be applied evenly, paying particular attention to rough areas – exposed side thick belly. Then the waist will need to wrap several layers of foil, I wanted to "up" the tape that don't leave a millimeter of exposed skin. To close the movie should start with the lowest part of the abdomen, and gradually rise up. The round should be the area under the breast. It will not allow the film to curl up and collect in the folds of the stomach.

coffee packing

At the top of the film is also beautiful (a wide scarf, wool scarf) and cover with a blanket, a half-hour or more (see the feeling). The greenhouse effect, which is created on the basis of the film helps to speed up blood circulation, lymph circulation, stimulates elimination of stagnant liquids.

As soon as the time allotted for the effects of the body wraps for weight loss belly over, then go in the shower. After the water treatment problem areas you need to slightly massage using a cream with a lifting effect, or cellulite.

Recipes for body wraps belly

Unlike the ready cosmetics the body wraps cooked alone do not contain any chemicals, what could be better for the skin than the natural, safe product?

The most common ingredients for body wraps belly you are aware of all the sweet algae, cosmetic clay, etc. Procedures with them always was, is, will be the most effective. All these components contribute to the accelerated burning of the subcutaneous fat layer to increase the excretion of excess fluid, toxins and literally rejuvenate the skin.

Wrap the first honey

What gives the cleansing effect burn body fat.

What happens: the skin is smoothed, tightened, it becomes elastic, smooth, flexible.

How to: a little honey (2 tablespoons) bring to a liquid state, through a steam bath, and then a thin layer to cover the prepared skin of the abdomen. There is, however, a movie, going under the blanket, to the packaging to the consumer in the abdomen, on the right, and then take a shower.

You can vary this simple recipe, enrich the heart is essential or vegetable oils. The basic choice of the best, if the citrus – orange, lemon (5 drops), the plant olive (half a teaspoon).

Close the second – algae

Which gives: to decrease the volume of the body, activate the metabolic processes, draining effect.

What happens: the first procedure is able to reduce the waist a few inches, the skin is apparently they will through the elimination of stagnant fluid is saturated with valuable nutrients that are so rich in algae.

How to make: algae (buy at the pharmacy, the best seaweed) to cook according to the instructions. If you have a cold pack to the abdomen, slimming, algae, pour water at room temperature. If the hot water is not above 38OPERÁCIÓS system. Cover with wet plates problem areas, fix them with a film of insulating material, approximately a half-hour to spend under the blanket. You can take a shower, after which the cream on the skin.

honey wrap

Algae, as honey also can be enriched with essential oils.

The third strap – chocolate

Which gives: nourishing, moisturizing, anti-stress effect.

What happens: found cocoa butter complex of antioxidant, not only nourishes the skin, but also improve the resistance to aging, flavonoids strengthens the blood vessels, improve the blood circulation. In addition, the smell of chocolate improves mood, reduces stress.

How to make: a water bath is necessary in order to dissolve although the dark chocolate is the largest cocoa content. Allow to cool to an acceptable temperature, to cover a lot of skin, and then foil. Then rest for half an hour under the rug, or blanket.

Wrap the fourth – cocoa

Another chocolate wrap slimming belly with the cocoa powder. The preparation should be diluted in a few tablespoons of cocoa powder, 1 tablespoon of any vegetable oil is suitable, olive, sweet almond oil, wheat germ. Grind the composition until smooth, heat in the steam or water bath (avoid hot). Leave to cool to a comfortable temperature, cover the problem area. In general, the composition of the paste, the chocolate packaging itself is valuable, but on request can be enriched with the essential oils, natural honey, aloe juice, pepper powder or ginger.

Wrap the fifth – acetic acid

It gives a fat burning, draining, regenerating effect.

What happens: accelerating the process of fat burning to get rid of the excess fluid, the waist is reduced the volume, the skin regains elasticity, tightened. Contains the acetic acid contributes to the enhanced regeneration of the skin, and increase collagen production.

How to: vinegar wrap for weight loss, the abdomen carried out regular or apple cider vinegar. The two parts of hot water dissolve one part vinegar. In this composition, dampen a clean cotton cloth and wrap it around the belly. At the top of the dress that closes the film, to 3-4 turns, under the covers, not less than half an hour.

The sixth wrap – clay

Which gives: activation of metabolic processes, hydration, cleaning.

What's happening: due to the special properties of clay on the skin gets rid of impurities, saturated with oxygen, the more flexible.

How to make: blue clay (wrap slimming belly only such a type of clay) mixed with a glass jar of warm water until mushy paste. The mix don't use metal objects. The finished composition to cover the problem areas, turning the pages of the film and rest for half an hour under a blanket.

Wrap seventh – tea

Which gives: moisturizing, soothing, toning effect.

What's happening: since the effect is contained in tea leaves, antioxidants, and the catechins may strengthen the skin to get rid of the edema, it becomes more flexible.

recipe wraps

How to: the usual beer, green tea, to good, to acceptable temperature, to moisten the cotton cloth. Wrapping it around your waist, attach the top of the pack, warm wool wide scarf. Enhance the effect tea body wraps for weight loss stomach decoction of herbs, ginger, cardamom.

Wrap the eighth – fruit

Which gives: nourishing, purifying, regenerating, moisturizing effect.

What's happening: due to the impact of fruit acids strengthens the skin's regeneration process, it lifts up, it becomes elastic. The vitamins contained in the fruits, is actively absorbed into the skin and enhance the protective properties.

How to: using a blender, any fruit puree to mix in the cream. Ready area, the skin, and turn the foil, then heat it up.

The fruit wraps can be taken with apple, grape, melon, plum, mango, orange, berries – blackcurrant, strawberry. The hitting can use mixed fruit instead of the cream dress, honey, vegetable oil, sour cream.

Wrap slimming belly.

Before the procedure, we must be aware that the list of diseases, where they are contraindicated. This is: a variety of tumors, cardiovascular disease, varicose veins, gynecological, skin diseases, allergy to the products packaging. Furthermore, this procedure is not done during pregnancy or breast-feeding.