It's very important to step through this manual, because the sharp limitation of the whole fasting is dangerous to health, in most cases you don't succeed.

the basic steps

1. step. A decision decision. Ask yourself, why you decided to change, what are the benefits (self-esteem, health, relationships, career).

2. step. Record the decision on the paper, then put in a visible place, - not give to get out of the way.

3. step to Understand a simple truth: not just diet, and gradual movement for a healthy lifestyle. Be healthy, slim, beautiful.

4. step. At this stage, you need to understand that the process of weight loss without harm to health is possible only in the long term. For example, in order to lose 15 pounds overweight, you should lose weight 3,5-7 months ago. Quick relief of body weight and related hunger strike will harm the health and the weight will come back.

5. step. I mean, to the point of fat loss in problem areas (thighs, stomach, buttocks, etc.) impossible. The fat gradually the entire body is a calorie deficit.

6. step conversation with family members about your goals. Explain to them that the benefits of this event, ask to concern with understanding.

7. step get Promises from relatives that they do not impede the achievement of the goal (e.g. buy a common fridge sweet, fatty, etc.).

the phase of the weight loss

8. step. Mark the main stages of weight loss (optimal weight loss of 0.5 -1 kg / week). Order rewards for reaching a new stage, which does not prevent further weight loss (the right to purchase the desired piece of clothing or a movie than to buy a cake). Example: achievement # 1: to lose 2 kg [award] a trip to the cinema for an interesting movie; 2. No.: to lose 2 kg [award] purchase the new jeans, etc.

9. step to Find something interesting, learn new things: learn, languages, science, take, creativity (e.g., singing, knitting, painting, photography). Go to museums, theaters, watch good movies, read interesting books, etc. Food will not be the main joy in life, when he was so enthusiastic, happy.

10. step. Completely refrain from cooking more you cook, boil, or cook a few.

11. step. Refrain from drinking honey water, chocolate, pasta, potatoes, fast food, potato chips - with their help, unwittingly sometimes exceed the daily calories, which is the main reason for the overweight.

12. step. Eliminate cakes. They contain a large number of not only sugar, but also fats.

13. step. As the use of sweet fruits, dried fruits, nuts.

14. step. Eliminates the diet all flour: white bread, biscuits, drying, etc.

15. step. Replace sugar with honey: a lot to eat, but with extra minerals, vitamins.

16. step. Drink tea, without sugar. At first it will be unusual, however, not only experience the variety of tea flavors, as well as reduce the calories, but to gain a useful habit.

17. step. Completely eliminate the diet sausages, dumplings, sausages, semi-finished products: manufacturers deliberately increase the amount of fat in such products, but it also adds to the variety of preservatives, flavor enhancers.

Completely eliminate the diet sausage

Step 18. Replace the pork, lamb meat, low fat fish, (beef, turkey breast, chicken breast, Pollock, salmon, etc.).

Step 19. It is suggested to get a taste of mayonnaise, sauces, high fat content.

Step 20. Drink water the amount of 33 ml / 1 kg body weight / day. Involved in the chemical processing of the fat into energy. Please note that tea, coffee, soup, etc. also contain water. But don't overdo it with the caffeine - dehydration.

Step 21. Using the unrefined oil in the "cold" (the stuffing) - much more useful than the refined. The heat treatment not above 220-230 degrees, suited for the refined sunflower-or olive oil.

Step 22. Eat dairy products, fat mass fraction of 1-2,5%.

Step 23. 3 hours before bedtime do not load yourself the hard, long digestion, it is better to eat low-fat cottage cheese, an Apple, or drink milk.

Step 24. Eating warm food digests longer than the cold for a long time continue to full. Do not rush to eat, chew the piece - the feeling of satiety comes not at once, but only for 15-20 minutes. besides, this food is better digested and assimilated.

Step 25. Try out most carbs (cereals, honey, nuts, fruit) to consume up to 14 hours, in the second half of the day shifted the balance in favour of protein (lean meat, eggs, dairy products). Vegetables will be useful during the day.

Step 26. Regularly clean the body of toxins (it helps, vegetables, fruits, bran, dried apricots, dried plums).

Step 27. Parasites often cause the excess weight - we ourselves aware of their presence. Spend prevention is garlic, onion, peanut, pine nut.

Step 28. Do not drink alcohol. High enough calories, but also can cause the breakdown of Your diet.

Step 29. Smoking - tobacco tar hinder the absorption of vitamins in the body, which is necessary for the restriction of the diet.

Step 30. Included in the daily diet foods containing omega-3-6-9 fatty acids. They will help to strengthen the immune system, the circulatory system, maintaining the beauty of skin, hair, nails.

Write down everything you eat in a day

Step 31. Write down everything you eat in a day: your picture: your diet will be able to calculate the calorie content and not engage in self-deception (many overweight people are convinced that during the day, eat a little bit, but these entries should be a surprise, even themselves).

Step 32. Begins to control consumed calories. The best thing to eat every day the same amount of food (the entry) and at the end of the week, to check the result: if The body weight decreased to 0.5-1 kg, all right in the future to the same amount of food. If after a week the weight has increased or not changed, to reduce the number of calories (200 Kcal, and then, if necessary, every week, 100 Kcal). Reduce the calorie content should be, in that moment, when the weekly weight loss will be 0.5-1 kg.

Step 33. Do not exceed the limit value of 250 Kcal / meal, thus accelerating the metabolism.

Step 34. Share Your 3 meals the 6, without increasing the quantity of the eaten food - speeds up the metabolism and fat burning.

Step 35. Conduct the weekly inspection of the conditions: measure and record current weight (better in the morning, on an empty stomach), the images. In the future it gives you extra motivation your eyes on the road.

Step 36. Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep increases the levels of "hunger hormones" - ghrelin. The man subconsciously increases the need for excess calories.

Step 37. A contrast shower. Accelerates the metabolism, strengthens the blood vessels, strengthens the immunity, so the skin's elasticity.

Step 38. The sex with your favorite person: you will be able to burn calories, tone muscles, you may withdraw the toxins (if proactive attitude). In the end, to "pull" food is sort of dissatisfaction (which is the most important, don't fill out the after sex). Gradually you will be able to develop healthy habits: eat to cleanse your body, active life. Extremely small quantities sometimes eat high-calorie products (not recommended at the beginning of the diet). The main principle of losing weight is spend more calories than you consume. The higher The physical activity, the more calories you "burn".

Step 39. If you have a sedentary job, then try every 45 minutes of pressure for 5-10 minutes. During this time, you can take a break or stop work.

The step 40. The same principle, when the TV is working at the computer.

Step 41. Begin light walking for 15 minutes a day. Every week increase the duration to 5 minutes, until you reach 1 hour. The best if you partially or completely replace the motor vehicle Hiking.

The step 42. When you reach the 1 hour walk with a moderate pace it reduces the walking 30 minutes a day. Every week add 5 minutes until the total time reaches 1 hour.

The step 43. Depending on the health exercises to perform at home. Start with 5 push-ups, sit-ups, where this, where the strain of the day. Every 3 days add 1 extra repeat the exercises 15. Follow the same principle, a growing number of claims to the exercises.

Start with 5 push-ups

The step 44. Continue to study at home or train at the gym, depending on your goals.

Don't fast! The minimum amount of calories / day (sedentary lifestyle) may not be less than 1200 Calories for women and 1600 Calories for men. Drastic reduction in calorie threatens to decreased immunity, weakness. Better compensate for calories consumed, and exercise regularly.