Fasting for weight loss: reviews, and the different results

Of course, if the upcoming holidays team working, or you might just come to some important event, I want you to such events look like brighter, more beautiful.

In fact, the weight of the cupboard gathering dust on my dress that is two sizes smaller than the current, and, to, pleasure yourself is an urgent need to reduce cm. But how? The only thing that comes to mind is fasting. But it's always as good as you imagine?

fasting for weight loss

What you don't tell your girlfriend, or vaguely heard of a TV show, something suddenly change, continuous, systematic work in the body, leads to a state of shock.

This applies to the brain and internal organs, which are responsible for many processes within.

Therefore, we can say that the fasting will bring only benefits, it's stupid. Before I go to sleep the full opinion that this method of weight loss, you need to weigh up the pros and cons to carefully read all the provisions in terms of this method.

There is another reliable way to determine the effectiveness of the fasting weight loss that the results and feedback of other people who have tried this method, but now don't know subjective opinion.

Of course, one person's opinion is not a miracle cure, but the majority opinion – this is the best advertising or advertising, depending on the content.

What is fasting?

The point of fasting is to leave for a while absolutely all the food, all for therapeutic purposes, in order to the weight loss. The weight loss total, absolute, in the first case, the man refuses to eat, but full of water they consume, than you need the body.

Absolute starvation is not complete at all, only under the supervision of the experts, as full of negative consequences.

Legislature, it was Paul Bragg, who in the twentieth century, published his own book "the Miracle of fasting", which immediately became popular, a lot of the debate. Like all non-traditional method of treatment, the fasting is for the supporters, there are opponents to be completely opposed to such methods.

If you follow the logic of the Field Bragg, fasting can prolong human life to 120 years planned to be a survivor, following his own methods, but he didn't.

Many countries around the world developed its own enthusiastic followers of the case, Bragg's, depending on the author, there are different subspecies of the fasting. What he said, Bragg? I thought that the fasting in the first place, they are also useful to this period in his life, the body will start to eat, but the function, at the expense of the reserve forces, which I don't know, so the trains keep muscle tone.

In addition, during the fasting period will display all the toxins, then you can look at the "creepy-colored urine and a strange smell", it seems like after a few days of therapy. But it's all true? What this bill, according to modern medical science?

Fasting. It's worth the risk?

The trained professionals great doubt such procedures, in particular, against those options, when people try to assign to them.

The fasting doesn't matter, water or dry, does not require monitoring professionals, some doctors sometimes prescribe this procedure, as an aid in diseases such as pancreatitis, asthma, gastritis, and others.

But the point is that the doctor usually asks to sit on the water for a day or two, and the ladies managed to bring this process to the point that it is absurd – would you be willing to eat 30 or more days. What organism will sustain it?

It is well known that some people this technique may be generally contraindicated, especially for those who suffer from diabetes, tuberculosis, heart rhythm disorders, heart failure, in general, this list is quite large, so I think about it, or consult with your doctor before you indulge in all serious.

There's a positive side?

. In fact, this is the only way to lose weight within the shortest possible time, enough to spend 2-3 days, it's the "diet", you will experience visible results.

Short-term fasting, which are in possession of the rules, the true benefits of the body free of toxins, harmful substances, reduces the level of sugar, cholesterol, which is also very useful.

The doctors claim that fasting can cause increased brain activity, like the blood, the stomach comes and goes, where? The head, of course, so if you need to solve an important problem or question, don't eat in the day, it's possible that the much faster you will find the right solution.

As harmful starvation?

Unfortunately, the downside to this technique, much more than the pros. The doctors believe that prolonged starvation will start to occur, to the poisoning of the body, in the truest sense. To live, the body will begin to share the stocks, the first thing you may not fat as we would have liked, proteins, i.e. muscle tissue, so literally the first day you feel weakness of the body, heaviness of the limbs.

Then begins to form acetone bodies, which contribute to the poisoning of the nervous system, reduces insulin levels, which can lead to a state of diabetic coma.

to lose weight without eating

A period of starvation, and a complete cessation of receipt of useful mineral substances, vitamins, minerals, which is a general unhealthy appearance, skin problems, hair, as well as the overall slow metabolism.

The consequences of prolonged fasting or loss of memory, health, may appear on the visual, auditory hallucinations, the person will be upset, possible violent outbursts and unpredictable anger, in practice, the common case of fainting or severe dizziness.

A few pounds worth the sacrifice? Like I said, fasting can be used for medicinal purposes, but also as a tool for effective, long-term weight loss, use is not recommended.

Lost a few pounds, get back, taking into account the a couple of, well, if without disease and negative consequences. If you decide to try clean your body and perform this procedure no more than 24 hours, especially if the organization is not prepared for such upheavals.