Phlebodia 600 is used, varicose veins, to relieve symptoms

The drug is designed to improve the tone of veins of small caliber, improve lymph circulation of the venous blood flow (not increases the tone of the arteries). Phlebodia 600 is used, varicose veins, to relieve the symptoms of lymphovenous insufficiency (swelling, heaviness in legs, pain, venous dysfunction) for the treatment of disorders of the microcirculation of the blood. The main active ingredient of diosmin, quickly absorbed through the gastro-intestinal tract, evenly distributed on each level of the venous wall. Excreted in the urine, faeces, bile by 92.5% (the peak activity of the drug falls on the fifth hour after ingestion). The phlebodia can be taken by pregnant women (before phlebodia 600 varicose veins, consult your doctor), but not the period of lactation, because information about the penetration of the drug is excreted into breast milk.

Aching pain to explain


The treatment of chronic lymphovenous insufficiency, and also to combat pain in the veins, heaviness in the legs a medication to take daily 1 tablet before breakfast. The duration of treatment is always determined by the treating physician on the basis of analyses carried out. Usually the intake of phlebodia of varicose veins is carried out for two months, and in severe cases up to four months. By skipping one or two doses of the drug to keep taking, and the dosage does not change.

Particularly effective drug for the initial manifestations of venous insufficiency in combination with caffeine (ointment varicose veins), as well as the compression stockings. The effect of adoption in the case of coming to the end of the first week of treatment. Pain in the legs, swelling doctor gradually reduced, spider veins on the skin is absorbed, there are more and more rare, and the general condition of the veins improves.