Soup: the recipe diet results

Recently, however, soup diet, began to be successfully used in the weight loss, but this approach proved to be very effective. By the way observe, that it is much easier than other diets because of the saturated soups, even if they contain few calories.

the soup diet


All the effectiveness of the soup diet very soft, during the week you can get rid of 5 kg overweight. The safety of these diets allow you to use them, even people with certain chronic diseases; in addition, the use of diet soup helps cleanse the body, improve our health.

Vitamins, minerals, is found in large amounts of fruit, vegetables, helps the body to break down faster calories to burn fat. Vegetable soup that is often prepared these soups for weight loss, it is perfectly cleanses the liver, removes the toxins, slag.

Such vegetables, celery, onions, parsley, not only promotes fats breakdown, but also necessary to the organization's significant energy costs, since they are digested a long time, as well as the calories them a little bit.

Soups weight loss

Soups weight loss many, but the most common of the onion, or the onions, celery, corn, tomatoes. It is clear that the main ingredients in these soups, vegetables, and herbs.

The main ingredients, soups for weight loss

Very often the main ingredient , the soup diet, the cabbage: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and other varieties.

Celery, as already mentioned, this is a great way to burn calories; tomatoes, sweet peppers, carrots antioxidants; complementary soup weight loss onions, spices, garlic, dry grass. The soup can be salty, but a little.

The soup weight loss cabbage, celery: the recipe

To cook vegetable soup for weight loss, we need the line to throw the vegetables in the hot water. First, throw the chopped cabbage, then the diced roots, stalks celery (or green) - about 30 g. Celery is not only has a diuretic effect and displays the body of excess fluid, but also improves the metabolism and it is necessary to get rid of excess weight.

Then finely chop the onions, carrots, sweet peppers. Chopped tomato, without skin out in the final round, the stew all the vegetables together. Next, sprinkle with salt, then add the spices: the red or the black pepper a little curry, peppers, garlic, the last.

Then the seasoning of the broth where you cooked vegetables. When serving the soup sprinkle any kind of chopped fresh herbs: parsley, chives, dill.

The water enough for the soup 1.5 liters, but 2 liters of broth. Cabbage – 500 g tomatoes – 2 Pcs., onions, peppers, carrots – 1 pc., celery – 30 g garlic – 1-2 cloves, a bunch of greens.

This soup can be eaten every day, several times -how many you want, give yourself a little weekly diet with the addition of other products.

Therefore, the 1-St day you can eat soup and fruit except bananas; 2. day – soup, or any vegetables, or potatoes boiled or baked in small quantities in vegetable oils; 3-rd day – soup, fruits, vegetables (potato); 4. day, the same thing, but you can add a glass of nonfat milk, a few bananas. The 5 days, except for the soup, and unlimited amount of tomatoes, you can afford a little boiled beef (chicken, lean fish) – not more than 100-200 g. The 6 day option is to add the soup, beef, lots of green leafy vegetables. Instead of tomatoes, food, green peppers, cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce. The last day of the week – soup, vegetables, brown rice, fresh fruit juice. The 5-th, 6-th day is added to the diet fruit. Vegetables should be used fresh, but not canned.

Of course, the soup you have to cook every day, no need to cook the stock for 2 or 3 days, how to treat a Housewife. The best solution – eat soup 3 times a day, complementing the other products, drink more mineral water without gas up to 2 litre. The tea you can drink vegetable; coffee, if you want, but without sugar.

All you have to perform everything exactly as you suggested, don't try to make your own version of the diet has been tested.

So the quick weight loss was offered to us, the experts, but this soup somehow, often called "Bonn". For us this is not so important – efficiency is important soup diet the stimulating the burning of calories, fat, quickly, safely.

Invalid bread, sugar, alcohol, carbonated drinks. The proper implementation of the recommendations of the 3. day you will be able to get rid of the 1.5-2 kg of excess weight in a week lose weight 4-5 kg.

Advantage of this method is, obviously, to lose weight: diet safe take long, the result is fast, the body is cleaned, improved, and well-being. Using this diet are pregnant, then repeat as many times as necessary in order that the weight is not going to be back to normal.

If during the week you got rid of 5 kg need to lose more diet safely proceed; if the weight loss was 7 kg or more, need a week break.

Those who need to lose weight fast, at least 2-3 kg, it is recommended 2-4 days juice only, except with all the extras.

This diet is a lot of according to experts, the most gentle, comfortable, if you love soups, then you will enjoy it.

Of course, it is not necessary to get rid of the extra pounds, immediately go back to the old diet – the same that brought you to such a life. However, after the diet you will get used to eating fruits, vegetables, and other foods, so stick to a daily healthy food will be easy.

soup with mushrooms

The diet of soup, beans, mushrooms: recipe

You can cook, diet, soup, beans, mushrooms very tasty.

The beans can be canned, for example, Bonduelle, but it is better to cook fresh. Mushrooms also better to buy fresh (not frozen mushrooms) , pickled cucumber slices, and then soak in water.

Mushrooms, beans, necessary, 250 g cucumber – 1 big onion – 1, garlic 2 cloves, salt, herbs, spices.

Don't do the soups, bouillon cubes, although some of the recipes it offers – so you deny all the effort you can confuse the metabolism.

If the beans, the vegetables can be fried without oil: first, put the hot pan the chopped onions, the other after a few minutes – sliced cucumber, mushrooms. The pan cover with the lid and after 10 minutes add the beans and the sauce from the jar. Leave it for 15 minutes on a slow fire, then put it in the pan, with hot water, add the spices, herbs, and cook another 15-20 minutes.

The soup will be delicious, delicious, but the diet. If boiled fresh beans, it is possible to extinguish vegetables, mushrooms to add a little oil olive or melted butter and salt, but a little.

Soup diet variable. Long enough to comply with such a diet, an alternative version of the soup.

Japanese soup for weight loss: a recipe

Japanese soup weight loss lovers of fish dishes also fill the body's need for essential micronutrients, such as iodine.

You will need 1,5 l water, low-fat sea fish such as Pollock (1 PC.), 1/3 Cup of rice, seaweed (150g), egg, spices, soy sauce. The recipe recommended to the sauce, Toko, but often there are features such as monosodium glutamate, dyes, preservatives, and modified starch – especially if it is a product of the Russian production. So it is better to choose the sauce in which no additives instead of sugar use fructose. Cabbage can be canned, if it's not fresh.

Chopped onion marinated in soy sauce with spices. At this time, while the soft boiled rice, add the fish and cook until cooked ingredients. Then add the chopped sea Kale (the cans must be emptied, and then squeeze the juice), then add pickled onion – cucumber. Beaten egg is poured in a thin stream to the soup, stir, then immediately remove from heat. The onions stay crunchy– then the soup will be delicious, will be a pleasure to both hot and cold.

Rules soup

During the soup diet must follow the basic rules of nutrition. First, there should be at least 3 times a day, or even 4 times, if possible. We don't limit ourselves to 1-2 meals a day – this can lead to serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

If you decide to use the soup diet, get rid of the extra pounds, should not be taken as the refusal of a nice, familiar food, so it is not likely that the result is positive. The best is to perceive the diet as a gift, as a great opportunity to finally find the harmony, the beauty through delicious, healthy food.