Simple diet for weight loss belly, side menu

To lose weight! To this goal in several ways: written on the gym, bear, beauty treatments, dare to practice alternative medicine. But leading method of losing your excess weight or your diet. Experts have developed different diets that the promise is fulfilled a cherished dream. Simple, complex, quick, long, but not too effective. Which should I choose?

diet for weight loss laterally

The rules of the simple diet for weight loss belly sides

You don't have to count the calories before 18.00 to limit themselves, the following is strictly regulated diet. The simple diet allows you to eat what and when you want, and this significantly to lose weight. I just need to follow 5 simple rules:

  1. 1 time a day, 1 hour and eat for free. It is important that every day at the same time;
  2. The other meals should contain foods low in carbohydrates (0-3) in unlimited quantities. Allowed meat, eggs, sour cream, low-fat cheese;
  3. Every day should eat 2 cups of raw or cooked vegetables: all kinds of lettuce, cabbage, greens, herbs, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, turnips, eggplant, peppers, olives. Except for potatoes, corn, green peas;
  4. The need a small doses, slowly, chewing food thoroughly;
  5. During the day you want to drink 8 glass of pure water, eliminate soft drinks.

The following simple rules of weight loss a week, you can lose 2-4 kg of excess weight.

Exactly what can you eat what not?

The list of allowed foods for the diet plan is simple: of course, this milk is low-fat, boiled meat, cereals, fresh vegetables. More precisely, you can eat:

  1. dairy products, yogurt, cottage cheese, your diet is required per day. Not the 0% fat content, like 1%. Well, what's the point of zero? In addition, the dairy products is useful immunity to bacteria. And this is a very important period in the diet because of the suffering during the dietary restrictions in the first place;
  2. meat, poultry, fish. Of course, boiled or fried. The pig taboo. Eat beef, veal, chicken (better fillet), Turkey, rabbit. Fish is allowed, red or white. Diversify the small) menu: bake fish, steak, lemon juice, marinated chicken, low-fat sour cream before baking, boil the meat, the water, bay leaf, and spices. It tastes better and is more fun);
  3. eyes. Buckwheat, rice (preferably brown), oatmeal, millet - your allies, friends. It's better if you don't have to cook them, steam -pour hot water in the evening. So, to preserve the nutrients;
  4. nuts. The most useful in this case, walnuts, sesame seeds, poppy seeds. Eat some nuts after lunch, a tablespoon of raw sesame seeds in the morning and evening after meals, but it's the same on the Mac. You will see that the code, then the hair will be amazing);
  5. fresh vegetables - cabbage, carrots, cucumber helps to suppress the hunger pangs, and will not add calories;
  6. fruit. Select the not-too-sweet apple Simirenko, mandarin, orange, grapefruit, and other Goodies.
  7. green tea, mineral water without gas, fruit juice. Usually the water it is desirable to have an important place in this thread. You have to drink a lot to flush the system of toxins.

Forbidden - sweet, carbonated drinks, sugar, salt, flour, sweets, smoked/salty/fried. All this contributes to fat deposition, water retention, the body, the appearance of the cellulite, other unwanted. No alcohol, coffee, Smoking is not desirable.

How can the menu themselves?

Perfect diet for weight loss belly sides must comply with the principles of a healthy, balanced diet, taking into account individual tastes of a person, health, lifestyle. The individual diets, participate in nutrition experts. But the layman, to the strength.

Thus, the simple self diet weight loss:

  • Review your eating habits. Firmly decide, once and for all to eat;
  • The study of the system, the power. Recording and comparing the day when the products that are eaten are stored in the refrigerator, it is possible to figure out what the diet is not enough, that, on the contrary, used in excess;
  • To count the calories. Active people require a daily 1200-1500 kcal, enough passive 1000 kcal. In winter, these values are added 200-300 kcal;
  • The schedule of the work. To choose how to power – density, 3-course meal for two meals or less meals in small portions to 7 times a day;
  • Determine the amount of food. Breakfast – 25% of the total, second Breakfast, afternoon snack 10%, lunch – 35% dinner – 20%. Don't overeat;
  • To exclude fatty, fried, sweet, to diversify the diet of cereals, vegetables, make sure that the fresh fruit amount of water of 1.5 liters / day;
  • Account should be taken of the dietary habits. Not worth it to force myself to eat, like spinach, if it's disgusting. So just increase the chance, in fact, the diet. But to include the menu in a large amount of sweet, just because you love him, even harmful;
  • The menu is versatile, useful, food is cooked.

Using these principles, you can organize your personal diet, which is easy to stick to for a lifetime.

Maybe just lazy to lose weight?

No matter how many diets are developed by doctors, there are certain people who know a thousand reasons to leave this method of weight loss. Does not allow to comply with diet, busy schedule, eating without appetite, difficulty, calories, etc. But the argument breaks easy diet weight loss the lazy, created especially for those who are struggling to push yourself. 14 days this allows you to attach to lose 12 kg in weight.

The essence of the diet is reduced to the two principles:

  • 15 minutes before the meal to drink 2 glasses of clean water;
  • During the meal, or 2 hours after a drink it's impossible.

This applies to snacking. Before you eat the cookie, you need to drink those 2 glasses of water.

Filling the stomach, water suppress the hunger and reduce the portions you eat. The extra amount of food not enough space. The best diet is, I think, eat, drink and grow thin!

How easy it is to lose weight in 7 days?

Significantly to lose weight in a week to let mono. Most of them – difficult, hard, poor in vitamins. Overreliance on them will bring not benefit, but harm to the body. But that's not gonna happen, if you stick to simple oatmeal diet weight loss the week.

Simple, easily accessible, simple, oatmeal diet has gained a lot of fans.

Conditions diet:

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, relies on the plate (200-250 gr.) oatmeal, cooked in water no additives
  • during the break I eat 1 fruit, except high-calorie bananas, sweet grapes
  • furthermore, you need to drink 1.5-2 litres of pure water, green or herbal teas. You can drink strictly half an hour before or an hour after meals.

When you are finished so you to lose weight, it is important to 7 days to slowly introduce dairy products, lean meat, chicken, add porridge made from other grains. In this case, the result is minus 4 to 5 kg delight for a long time.

To lose weight 5 kg in 7 days

Lose week five kg of reality, not fiction. In order that such success is possible, adhering to a simple diet based on healthy and loved by many product – eggs.

Recently the doctors have claimed that eating eggs in large quantities is harmful to the health because they contribute to increase cholesterol. Today proved the opposite: eggs – necessary for the body, rich in vitamins product, which allows you to lose weight. I leave for a while the feeling of satiety and reduces the appetite in the suitable combination with other products, promotes quick fat burning. We offer you to try a simple diet for weight loss 5 pounds in a week.

"The egg diet"


The diet 1 week just eggs, vegetables, fruit, water in unlimited quantities. The eggs are 2 others. We recommend that you exclude the menu, potato, grapes, bananas, dates, figs. The most effective working combination of oranges, eggs: eggs help to strengthen the muscle mass, the orange this time, as an active fat burning.

Which diet will help you cope with the sides and belly?

There is hardly any woman who dreams about a beautiful press, the wasp waist, it hangs off the page, and then a few folds of the stomach. There are simple diet for weight loss belly sides, to help get rid of the excess fat in these spicy.

The main principle of the weight loss diets in the abdomen, groin – the normalization of the gastro-intestinal tract. To do this, we must consider that the electricity system:

  1. Eat often, small portions, every 3-4 hours;
  2. To refrain from fried, sweet, oily;
  3. Daily use of fiber-rich foods – vegetables, cereals, legumes;
  4. Eat more acidic fruits – oranges, grapefruit, green apple;
  5. Meat, fish, seafood, chicken, steamed or boiled;
  6. Drink more fluids – pure water, soda, tea, soup hips, as well as other useful herbs;
  7. Give up alcohol, cigarettes, slows down the metabolism, so in the process of weight loss.

Sample diet for weight loss, the belly and sides:

1. "Diet, 3 day"

1. day: Breakfast – 100 ml green tea, same amount of Apple or carrot juice (freshly squeezed). 2 hours after – 5 - C nuts. Lunch – 100 grams. cooked wild rice, salad, fresh vegetables, sour fruit 1. Dinner – 50 gr. fish, 200 gr. fried vegetables;

2. day: Breakfast – an Apple or 1/2 grapefruit, 2 hours later – salad, a glass of carrot juice. Lunch – 100 grams. buckwheat, lettuce, 2 tomatoes, grapes, and herbal decoction. Dinner – 200 gr. chicken breast fillets, stew vegetables, a Cup of tea;

3. day: Breakfast – 150 gr. oatmeal, 2 hours – 2 baked Apples. Lunch 150 gr. fish, 70 gr. salad with grated carrots, sour cream, 200 ml non-carbonated mineral water. Dinner, a glass of kefir, 1 banana.

After a diet of such a small set of products, you will lose waist up to 4-5 cm.

2."Two meals" - rice diet

It takes 5 days, during which you can eat only 1 cup of rice, 1 - seafood/fish. Mix with a step two product it is impossible, but add the green or sour Apple.

This diet is similar to the traditional diet of the Japanese, known for the grace, slender waist.

A dose in the Hungarian diet

Simple diet for weight loss at home the the opportunity to the usual, but delicious dishes that the whole family, which is the person who loses weight for a more comfortable environment. This diet includes various combinations of long-known, fast, mono-diet, the basis of the diet, which foods, vitamins, and low calories.

The menu options


  • Breakfast: a sandwich with butter, cheese, rye bread, fresh green tea;
  • Lunch: stew beans, potato, onion, carrot (160 gr.), pineapple juice;
  • Afternoon snack: maize porridge (100 gr.), 4 tablespoons of 10% cream;
  • Dinner: boiled quail eggs, 100 gr. Turkey breast steamed glass of grapefruit juice.


  • Breakfast: omelette 2 eggs, green tea;
  • Dinner: 120 gr. braised beef 130 gr. oatmeal, green tea;
  • Afternoon snack: 170 ml milk-average fat content;
  • Dinner: green Apple, 100 gr. shredded carrots, herbal tea.


  • Breakfast: milk, rice, additive without the addition of a small piece of butter, green tea;
  • Lunch: broth, Turkey, vegetables (100 ml), salad, tomato, cucumber, lemon juice, green tea;
  • Lunch: 150 gr. low-fat cottage cheese;
  • Dinner: 2 ripe bananas, 150 ml fresh Apple-carrot juice.

Home diet is not hungry, well-maintained, it is possible to achieve a stable result for a long time to maintain in the future.

Simple diet for quick weight loss - how???

weight loss products

In preparation for the big celebration, holiday on the beach, in the greater security, a business meeting will not be a problem to lose a few pounds. The only extra will bring the number in order, invented the "fast" diet that can give you a amazing results in a short time.

Pretty simple and effective diet for rapid weight loss "4 x 4".

Its meaning lies in the fact that each of the 4 days of the diet you need to drink 4 glass of milk to eat 4 bananas. The method of use of the products no matter the main thing– not anything else. The water should not be limited. At the end of the diet, the body will leave the extra 4 kg.

Fast diet not be repeated often, because it jeopardises the health problems, as well as the possibility of even greater weight.

What kind of simple diet, you can offer to the men?

It's hard to bend down to tie his shoe? From a drooping belly is not visible strap? If a man knows these problems, it's time to think about the weight loss. Hours in the gym – it's good, but the best effect is achieved when combining physical exercise, diet.

The main difference between this diet the to the consumer a greater number of 1700 calories a day, a ban on prolonged fasting, mono.

In fact, simple diets for weight loss for men boils down to the principles of respect for healthy eating:

  • Food: 4 meals a day without snacking, eating at night;
  • Parts: hearty, but the small– to overeat;
  • Allowed: boiled, steamed, or fried meat, chicken, vegetables in form of salad without oil or mayonnaise, oatmeal, water, sugar, tea, coffee;
  • Exclude fried, flour, sugar, alcohol, salt.

The diet for 10 days, weight loss can be achieved 3 to 7 kg.