Diet weight loss belly, side of the women: the menu for the week

Bulging of the flanks, abdomen, even in small amounts, can ruin the mood, to give up your favorite slinky dress. But the problem can always be solved if the device is in compliance with the dietary principles, nutrition, regular exercises designed to the fat burning, in the abdomen, and the so-called ears. This approach is substantially set in shape after a few weeks of intensive classes, as well as to preserve elasticity, firmness of skin, prevents stretch marks formation, including the almost invisible.

diet weight loss

The dream of a nice flat belly a lot closer than it looks at first glance, does not require any special expenditure for the services of plastic surgeons, expensive massage.

The main principles, stages of the diet

As the experience of the active members of the fairer sex, the best way to get rid of hanging on the sides, belly, the principle of the not foods high in fat diet. The diet should be mostly protein-filled dishes, as well as to get adequate amounts of vegetables, fruit. Drink more green tea without sugar.

The whole process in excessive deposits on the site, as well as the abdominal area consists of several mandatory steps:


Its duration is seven days, a gradual restriction of use is very harmful and high-calorie foods, like your favorite morning coffee, the first time up twice in less sugar, and only later starting to get used to the real taste of a refreshing drink without any high calorie sweeteners. In the end, it's the seven days of the diet, you need to completely remove all forbidden foods, the body itself begins to spiritually prepare for the new rules work. I'm surprised, but there is a general exception, sugar, rejection, non-alcoholic drinks, promotes the loss of 1 – 3 kg overweight.


This duration depends on how much of the excess critical the situation is hanging belly, side. As a general rule, the stage of the weight loss in such cases take seven to twenty days (three weeks). If the weight exceeds 80 kg, the stage should last no less than three weeks to establish a healthy diet, gradually. It is necessary for the maximum preservation of the elasticity of the skin, which can become greasy after the burn.


This step is necessary to consolidate the results. Need details develop dining plan only the allowed foods, and stick to it for at least six months. According to the observations of the many slimming young ladies, during this time acquired skills in the selection of products, cooking, changing habits, therefore, constantly monitor themselves, it is not necessary.

If you start to work, the abdomen, and on the side, just the regular exercise, without generate, it is useful to the new taste, habits, then the result will not be. This is because the slim beauty and is the process to get rid of the excess body fat by 80 percent depends on the quality of food consumed.

The list of allowed foods when dieting

The list of allowed foods if you want to lose weight in the abdomen, flanks can be called necessary. After all, it's also extremely important to the weight loss fill the body with a full complex of useful minerals, mineral substances, vitamins. With the extra body fat to be broken down much faster than the skin retain elasticity, sensitivity, the beauty for several years. Featured products it's still important to strengthen the exercises to reduce your waist not hanging by the skin.

If you comply with the proper diet, care should be taken in the use of:


And on a daily basis. It's better when it's fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots. To them also it is necessary to add young green peas, peppers, radish, asparagus. Update them can be prepared very tasty salad, no dressing, vegetable oil or simmer soups without using the frying pan in the oil.


beautiful body

In particular, you will need to use apples, plums, cherries, peaches, pears, plums, which are rich in fiber. This is the component of the feed allows for faster, more effective to break down the fat accumulation in the waist, to the side.

Fresh greens

Regular outside food, fresh herbs allows you to saturate the body with the necessary micro-elements, which breaks down the fat compounds. Attention dieters to use celery (leaf, stem, root), as well as Basil, dill, parsley. It is not necessary to give up the opportunity to add to your diet, mustard, coriander.

Lean beef or meat birds

Proper nutrition is also a place of beef or chicken (turkey). But, to use the product no more than once per week, and limited to 300 g per dose. It is important to understand that the cook such meat, just boil or steam with the addition of natural spices. Cook or bake (even without any oil) is not recommended. Ready to eat better meat, fresh vegetables.

Hard cheeses

The main requirement in the selection of hard cheeses, the quality and the naturalness. Such a product cannot be more than twice a week, 80 g. Is it possible to add allowed fruit or grate the salad of fresh vegetables.

Dried fruit, seeds, nuts

These products will serve as a tasty, nutritious snack, but not more than twice a week, and the volume of a small group. It is important to understand that the nuts need to be raw. The peanuts (in any form) should be left completely. The dried fruits, prunes, dried apricots, dates. It is strictly prohibited to all kinds of candied fruit, raisins, figs.

Dairy products

We're talking about yogurt, milk, cheese. The first two products, when the desire to lose weight in the abdomen, the left side can be used, no more than three times a week (no more than one glass per day). Fresh milk, for example, can be added to coffee or tea, or kefir should be drunk early in the morning or late in the evening before going to bed. The cheese can be eaten alone without adding any spices or fruits.

The list of banned products

Even the most serious exercise to work the abdominal muscles, but the page will not be able to produce the desired results if the diet in place:

  1. Bread or any bakery products.
  2. Fruit a large amount of sugar (figs, grapes, bananas).
  3. Starchy vegetables (potatoes).
  4. Fatty types of fish, meat (pork, lamb).
  5. The festive dishes.
  6. Cereals.
  7. The eggs.
  8. Any vegetable oil.
  9. Cakes and any other sweets.
  10. Sugar.
  11. Smoked.
  12. Mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, various store-bought sauces.
  13. Canned.
  14. Whole milk.
  15. The cheese is high in fat content.
  16. Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks

Tips for compiling dietary menu

Realize the dream of opportunity, to wear a slinky dress and feel like a slim beauty might be, if you have a food to eat on the free list will be constructed in the following way:

Feeding The list of products
Breakfast Salad of fresh vegetables, adding the grated cheese, vegetables. Coffee (without sugar and milk).
Second Breakfast 100 g of pure cottage cheese without any artificial additives or sweeteners.
Lunch The soup is made from cabbage, celery, tomatoes. Green tea (without sugar or substitute). Two apples.

Host soup can be replaced in accordance with the boiled meat and vegetables.

Afternoon tea Fresh fruits (except bananas), or a small handful of allowed nuts or dried fruit.
Dinner Vegetable salad, with the addition of green. Fruit of the allowed list.

The size of the dose should not be more than 250 – 300 g at a time. In addition to the diet, exercise is extremely important to restore the water balance of the body, which means that you need during the day also drink around 1.5 – 2 litres of pure water. Use should be spread throughout the day, drink small SIPS.

Experienced nutritionists, coaches, recommended that the proposed power to refer to the temporary food restriction, after which you can return to the sweet stuff, the bad food. Let this be the new way of life, the compulsory acquisition of new habits. Otherwise, the long-awaited refinement of the waist, you might again gain hips, a flat stomach, but with them will be much harder.

Improves the result of the operation selected by the exercises are designed for the pumping of the abdominal muscles, removal of fatty deposits on the side.

Proven ways to speed up your metabolism

A leading figure was the order faster, if you are interested in accelerating the metabolism process in the body. Experienced coach, nutritionists recommend:

  1. To increase the amount of protein consumption.
  2. Go to only healthy carbohydrates.
  3. To learn how to count calories consumed.
  4. Adequate sleep.
  5. Split the daily dose of the more common meals in small portions (5-6 times a day).

Increased protein intake directly affects the metabolic processes, so the number must be at least 35% of the daily diet. The weight loss can also be caused by the fact that the complete breakdown of the proteins the body spends approximately 150 – 200 calories. If the power supply is divided into four section, three contain protein components.

As for healthy carbs, concentrated, fresh vegetables, fruits no longer able to saturate the body with the necessary energy, power, exercise. The need to count calories consumed is related to the fact that a simple restriction of food might be too tight, but that, on the contrary slow down the metabolic processes in the body. The least amount of calories you consume 500 – 800 calories.

It's better to eat smaller portions but more often. As a result, the metabolic process is accelerated, the body does not suffer from lack of consumption of nutrients, micro-nutrients, therefore, the conditions of the sharing of the accumulated fat in the abdomen and side.

No less important is the diet the side and belly of the healthy, restful sleep. This is due to the fact that during sleep the body produces hormones, which are directly involved in the breakdown of excess body fat. People who prefer to sleep. 3. 4 hours, more often obese and require weight loss.

Proven weight loss diet

Every body is different, therefore the diet to eliminate the ears on the side of hanging belly should be chosen, taking into account:

  • unique features of the organization;
  • the health conditions;
  • the amount of weight to get rid of;
  • the ability to set goals to achieve them;
  • personal taste preferences.

The most popular diets, which are suitable for dealing with unwanted deposits in the waist area, it is necessary to highlight, kefir, buckwheat, rice, but that's not the whole list of options to successfully lose weight. But there are a few nutritional tips for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, for example, worked on my computer all day and night watching tv.

The buckwheat diet

The main feature of the diet in exceptional use boiled buckwheat groats, pure water, no additives, pure green tea. The list of permitted foods, even more low-fat yogurt (no more than 1.5 litres). The diet by itself turn a cheap, available, easy to prepare. In duration of 3-5 days, and allows you to significantly lose weight in the abdominal area, and a half.

dairy products weight loss

The peculiarity of the buckwheat diet is the ability to clean the digestive tract of accumulated harmful toxins, to remove the excess fluid from the body, and significantly thinner in the waist. If there were problems with the gastrointestinal tract, chronic diseases, follow the diet to 1.5 – 2 weeks. When choosing yogurt, this diet, remember that:

  • in the presence of hyperacidity of the stomach-intestinal tract, as well as the common manifestations of heartburn, it is best to use yogurt a day;
  • if there is a tendency to increased gas-formation, the yogurt must choose the three days.

Not prevent the diet diet, and fresh greens. The amount of cereals used is unlimited, but the day to drink at least 2 – 2.5 liters of water. Another important feature relates to the method of cooking buckwheat: 1 part oatmeal to 2 parts of boiling water, steamed for 7 – 8 hours. A better thermos, beer, buckwheat overnight to use the next day.

In order to comply with the buckwheat diet it is better if you take care of the regular exercise. The correct compliance with the requirements, you can expect that the daily loss of 1 kg weight to the visual effect of 0.5 cm, the waist.

The buckwheat diet is not suitable for people who have problems with the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, possible allergic reaction to the product itself (a unique feature of the body).