Not the yoga helps to lose weight the health benefits?

Yoga is an ancient philosophical doctrine that came to us from India, which preaches that a particular set of values, which aims to achieve the human state of spiritual and mental exaltation. To reach enlightenment, it is possible by strengthening the body, soul, mental, and physical exercises.

yoga for weight loss

Today, few people go into the philosophical side of the teachings, many have adopted the only system of physical exercises called asanas. However, yoga will help you to learn the capabilities of the organization to avoid for a while the ordinary, look deep. Working my body, breathing man trains endurance, concentration, and become resistant to stresses, and gradually change the lifestyle.

Indications, contraindications classes

Get rid of the surplus, a positive impact on your health. Yoga helps not only with weight loss, but also to cope with many diseases. These classes will be useful:

  • if you have problems with the spine;
  • joints;
  • differences in the blood pressure;
  • the digestive disorders;
  • diseases of the urogenital sphere;
  • nervous tension due to constant stress, including insomnia, chronic fatigue.

The lesson is to give up completely:

  • the diseases of the soul;
  • organic lesions of the heart, including developmental abnormalities, tachycardia, atrial fibrillation, aortic aneurysm, dystrophy of myocardium;
  • diseases of the blood;
  • traumatic brain injuries;
  • cancer.

You need to temporarily abstain from yoga:

  • when receiving medicines in large quantities;
  • exacerbation of any chronic disease;
  • after the surgery;
  • abnormally low or high body temperature;
  • completion of massage;
  • after bath or sauna (classes possible to earlier than 8 hours after);
  • on a full stomach.

What types of yoga exist, what to choose for weight loss beginners?

The main question that plagues beginners, who have decided to practice yoga, what direction to choose? Indeed, styles of yoga, for many, the choice depends on what goals you want to achieve.

If your main goal is weight reduction, the most effective here, Bikram yoga, Ashtanga yoga, although it's great to lose weight, and ultimately help of all kinds.

  • Bikram yoga (also known as "hot" yoga) is a form of Hatha yoga, dynamic 26 asanas, 2 breathing exercises, you need to perform a well-heated room with high humidity. Such training can burn up to 700 calories per session. The downside is that not every school can create the necessary conditions, so Bikram yoga is practiced everywhere.
  • Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic practice, it is difficult will be able to form lean muscle. A time you can spend up to 600 calories. This type of yoga includes the gateway, which is eight steps. Each level is better than the previous one, the complexity. The asanas with breath work (pranayama) , repetition of movements associated with breathing (Vinyasa).
  • yoga for weight loss methods
  • Hatha yoga is the initial stage of Raja yoga, the goal is to physically prepare the body for the meditation is a series of physical and mental exercise to harden the body and spirit. It's a complex static posture, which allows you to deeply examine your muscles, accelerates the metabolism.
  • The power, or the power yoga was developed in America in the mid 90s. It is based on the practice of Ashtanga yoga, but the asanas are not performed in strict sequence. Classes in power yoga endurance train, quick results. The initial phase is used in static exercises of Hatha yoga, the well-worked muscles in the legs, arms, back, hips, even out muscle imbalances. A more advanced level when the students have the full control of the body, proceed to the dynamic exercises.
  • Kundalini yoga is a synthesis of static, dynamic, breathing exercises, meditation, mantra. These exercises allows you to awaken the Kundalini energy dormant at the base of the spine, and then gradually increase the energy channels up to the highest chakra Sahasrara.
  • The yoga of the fingers or wise, based on the fact that the palms and fingers of the acupuncture points related to different organs. Regular pressure to these points helps to cope with stress, improve vision, hearing, speed up metabolism, relieve a number of diseases, and to maintain the entire body in tone.
  • Yoga is the hammock are perfect for those people, who perform traditional exercises difficult, for a number of reasons, for example, the problems with joints or my back. Such practice useful things about fat people, women after childbirth. Classes are held in a special hammock consisting of fabric, equipped with additional handle, rope fastening. The room in the luminaire mounting hooks to the ceiling, and in the summer can be attached to a tree or street however although to the outdoors.
The goal with exercise is to work the knowledge, develop the ability to observe the thoughts, emotions, feelings, in order to better know yourself

What time is the best, what is the optimal duration of studies

Indian yogis begin their practice in the morning, at dawn, and with good reason. Morning yoga helps you to awaken energy throughout the day. The morning hours is the best yoga. Unfortunately, not all morning, the time to full employment. Don't be upset: to perform your morning asanas, sufficient for 20 to 30 minutes to increase the blood circulation, metabolism, the start to warm up joints and muscles to prepare the whole body to the working day.

Approach to the selection of exercises for the morning workout, especially for beginners, you need to be reasonable — the higher the risk of damage. In the morning, the complex is more suitable for slow, stretching exercises, the performance of which is not required the big effort, for example, the cat or the butterfly. The performance and dynamic loads better, left the evening practice.

The optimal duration of yoga session — one and a half to two hours, depending on the level of training. The duration of the exercise should gradually increase. Necessarily it is necessary to practice regularly, at least 3-4 times a week. Daily activities first to exhaust yourself, it's not worth it — the body, especially the untrained, the required days of rest.

yoga weight loss exercises

Those who could not sleep, and poignant, pay attention to the exercises before going to bed. In order to avoid problems to fall asleep, the room should be aired before the last meal should be 3 hours before bedtime.

Let's start with compound exercises Sirshasana (headstand), but he needs preparation: lying on your back, first you need to relax, and slowly inhale, exhale, imagining the air coming out of all parts of the body. Now approach the wall and stand on your head, trying to hold in this position for as long as possible, ideally up to 3 minutes.

Okay, before you go to bed or practice of Viparitakarani mudra, similar to the well known "birch-tree": in the supine position it is necessary to tear off feet on the floor, while the elbows rest on the ground, palms on the lower back. In this situation, it stay for 2 minutes.

Yoga for weight loss at home

We start yoga classes with a better instructor. But if you don't have time to visit the gym, you can do at home using the video tutorials by experienced experts. Consider a few simple exercises for beginners, good work out the problem areas, the extra pounds are gone.

Get rid of belly fat, side

The asanas before performing all needed the warm up. For this purpose a suitable bending forward, side, apparently, the body left to right rotation of the hip. Now you can start the static asanas.

Paripurna navas would

  1. You need to sit up straight and stretch out your feet, which connects them together. The body of the legs form a right angle.
  2. Then hull need to lean back to 45 degrees, extension legs that raise it to the correct angle.
  3. The arms extend straight forward to maintain body balance.
  4. Hold that position for 10 seconds.
  5. Back to the starting position.

During this exercise the body, legs form a right angle


  1. Starting position: stretch down to straighten his back.
  2. Pull the kneecaps upward to stretch the muscles of the leg.
  3. While a deep breath, at the same time pull up on the hand, and clasp the elbows.
  4. Tilt your body down, trying forehead to the feet and hands touch the floor. It stretches the abdominal muscles.
  5. Stay in this position for a count of ten.
  6. Back to the starting position.

Repeat the exercise 5 times.

The body touch the feet as close as possible

But navas would

  1. Sit on the floor, stretching your legs straight in front of him.
  2. Cross my fingers, then put it back in the head.
  3. On the exhale, reject the case back, feet on the floor, at 40 degrees.
  4. To hold this position for 10 seconds, then back to the starting position.

Repeat this asanu 5 times.

The tension of the abdominal muscles, helping you to keep your balance


Practice the relaxation that the entire complex.

  1. Lie on your back, legs and arms spread to the side.
  2. Relax the muscles in the whole body. Stay in this position for 20 minutes.
This practice, you should try to distract myself of all thought, to make sure that every muscle was relaxed

Works, thighs, buttocks

A few simple practices will help to improve the shape of the legs and tighten the buttocks.

"The flying eagle"

  1. Feet on width apart, right leg forward, hands on his belt.
  2. Low Crouch.
  3. Rises sharply at, if you push the hull, at the same time, bend the right knee, arms slightly bent elbow, while the right to the back and to the left to put forward.
  4. Hold this position for 10 seconds.
  5. Again, sit down low.

Repeat the exercise 10 times with a change of foot.

Need to keep your balance, you need to strain the abdominal muscles

"Swivel chair"

  1. Sit on the floor, legs in front, bending them at the knees, the feet skim the ground, hands placed on the waist.
  2. Leg raise, to the organization formed a 45-degree angle, hands to dissolve in hand.
  3. Try to keep the angle of the two legs, torso, both hands on the right and the left foot.
  4. Then, without feet touching the floor, rotate legs, hands on your head to the left.

The full 10 cycles.

yoga for weight loss beginners

"Winged feet"

  1. Get on all fours, with your back straight.
  2. Left leg bent at the knee to the heel was the same level with the bottom.
  3. Right leg slowly unbend, and pull it back.
  4. Hold this position for 10 seconds.
  5. Back to the starting position.
  6. Repeat the same a blind.

The full 10 cycles.

During exercise it is important to follow back, so he was straight

Beautiful hands, healthy back

To look young, confident, always helps, good posture. This is an indicator of the health back. To gain a good posture, at any age, it will help a few simple asanas.

Child's pose

  1. To kneel, is connected to the big toes, the knees around shoulder width apart.
  2. Strain, place it on your knees, at the same time, sitting in the corner.
  3. Hands should be positioned shoulder-width apart, the elbows to the hands are pressed hard to the floor, stretch as far as possible.
  4. Forehead touch the floor.
  5. Without lifting the buttocks, the heels, slowly pull to the side of the fuselage.
  6. The breathing smooth.

Hold in this position for 1-2 minutes.

When you perform the exercises, you need to feel like the arms and the bottom attracts the opposite direction

Dog pose upside down

  1. Previous asanu to the starting position.
  2. On the inhalation lift the hips, knee to straighten.
  3. The weight of the body move your feet, heels off the floor not to interrupt.
  4. Thigh strain, and the patella.
  5. Back to hands in the form of a single line.
  6. Head and neck-relax.
  7. The breathing is free.

Stay in this pose for 1 minute.

yoga for weight loss posture locust
The exercise will help you cope with the pain, the pinching of the sciatic nerve

Locust pose

  1. Lying on your abdomen, pull straight arms forward, forehead pressed to the floor, the legs connect.
  2. On the inhalation, mentally, to pull the lower back, buttocks, to drag the feet.
  3. On the exhale, lift your right arm and left leg.
  4. On the inhale back to starting position.
  5. On the exhale, lift your left arm and right leg.
  6. To return to the original position

Repeat the cycle 3 times.

It is now possible to relax a bit, and then to complicate the task.Lie on the stomach, legs together, hands placed along the body.On the exhale, raise legs and arms at the same time, then pull them back.

In order to be easy on the feet can be slightly dilute.Try to hold this position for as long as possible, and then return to the starting position.Repeat the exercise 3 times.