Fasting days for weight loss

Recommendations for prescribing to the director after a certain period of time, fasting days, experts give not just the people who are to lose weight, but also adherents of a healthy lifestyle.

How useful fasting days

The view that the fasting days absolutely no way the food is incorrect, because of the wide variety of techniques, among which you can choose the right kind of specificities of the organization.

fasting days for weight loss

The basic principle is the change on the day of the usual diet with the exception of all harmful products, which allows you to not only lose weight, but also to bring the body a bit of a profit. This is because the digestive tract will be the burden of the usual, often greasy, heavy foods. There is a gradual cleansing of the accumulated toxins slag deposits. Occurs habit to eat healthier food, balanced the necessary elements.

A good substitute for fasting days diet Ladder, because it's only 5 days, it is also good to cleanse the body.

Because of the regularity, you will have a fresh complexion, eliminates peeling of the skin, strengthens nails and hair. Increase your efficiency, improve your mood, acquired resistance to stress, faster recovery.

The advantage of this method, more comfortable feel compared to a long-term diet a day limitation eating habits easier.

Fasting days for weight loss

There are several reasons to arrange a fasting days for weight loss, depends on this procedure is a one-time or weekly. Usually the first setting after you have selected the abundant feast, when in the morning there is a difficulty in the stomach, and there is a desire to get rid of the discomfort.

The second option is part of an integrated program focused on targeted weight loss. In this case, after achievement of target practice, the continuation of your fasting day, as a preventative measures.

On the basis of the specific purpose of pick up techniques. Note that the effect of the weight loss is primarily the purification of the body. Fat reduction, very slow, but be patient, you can receive a slender shape if at the same time the optimal physical load.


Entry to the usual rhythm of life, the elements of health protection it is necessary to analyze how to spend the fasting day, the benefits were the maximum.

  1. I don't need to practice these techniques during the recovery period after surgery, or disease.
  2. It is advisable to obtain the advice of a doctor, because the presence of certain diseases what kind of products can cause damage.
  3. You need a certain mental attitude in order to handle dietary restrictions. Well, if you succeed the maximum load of favorite activities, but without excessive workload – mental or physical. Receive to spend time in the fresh air.
  4. Should drink up to 2.5 liters of purified water, which also contributes to the emergence of feelings of satiety.
  5. Seeing that the fasting day, take into account the possible harm to the body, the used product types.
  6. Food, because I'm happy, so it is advisable to leave those kinds of things, landing that use like product.
  7. The output of the fast day, it should be gradually. Immediately dangerous to eat too much, especially hard.
  8. Selecting a specific technique, it is necessary to observe, without trying to a day, other varieties of the discharge.

The independent control over the reaction. The lack of certain substances that can cause dizziness, weakness, so you will need a selection of different methods, appropriate personal characteristics.

It is not recommended for landing more than once a week. The optimal duration of the 18. 18 hours. Some practice 36 hours, starting from the landing at night and ends the next morning. The choice depends on the state of health. Some may be limited to 18 hours per week mono diet, which is also advantage for us.

Fasting day dairy products

Rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and various vitamins, including, 1, 2, dairy products, foods known benefits, so often the products of the fasting day. A number of easy versions of the behaviour.

The cheese

The all-day list, 0,5 kg of cottage cheese, low fat (< 5%), and 0.5 liters of fat-free yogurt with sufficient amount of drinking water. Suitable for almost all ages after 8 years. Easy to digest the diuretic properties product facilitates digestion, stimulates the metabolism.

A contraindication is renal failure, allergic reaction.


This option is to manage the day easily, due to the fact that the milk satisfies the hunger. This low-calorie product promotes bowel cleaning. Known beneficial effect, strengthens the nervous system, improves sleep.

During the unloading period drink 2 litres of milk, splitting it in several doses (5 – 6). Allowed breaks to eat salty slices of Apple (no more than two pieces of whole days). The result is to lose almost half a kilogram of excess weight. Hypersensitive milk mono diet excluded.


Dairy products easier to digest, contains useful elements, vitamin a, calcium, effectively stimulates the intestinal activity.

The simplest option is the use of 100 ml of yogurt with a break of 30 minutes. Drink it in little SIPS. Water must be used.

Can be alternated. Drink a Cup of yogurt, forty minutes later, a glass of water. Then again, kefir, and thus for the entire period of unloading.

Can't be kefir landing in the presence of high acid gastric juice.

Fruit and vegetable fasting days

There are different options for days of fasting, a fruit, so you can easily pick up the correct way, considering your own preferences, contraindications.


For the entire period of unloading you will need 1.5 kg of apples. Choose unsweetened varieties with a medium sour taste. You can eat both the fresh and baked fruit. Water is recommended to drink every 45 minutes to half a Cup. Since this diet significantly improves the digestive process, in one procedure then it will be easier 3 kg.

In addition, the body gets the vitamins, iron. Apples help to reduce the cholesterol. The disadvantages include some people who lose weight, increase your appetite.

The banana

Bananas, which are eaten only without combining any other type of food, have a beneficial effect on the body. Therefore, it is often the basic component of emission days.

These fruits are the necessary for the operation of, parts of the body, pectin, vitamins (A, C, E, B). There are also minerals (magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, other). Optionally you can add other types of grapes, wild garlic, kiwi, etc.

One possibility is the landing to eat a banana, when you see the hunger. You can drink weak tea, sweetened. Drink water, if necessary.

Significantly improves the bowel function cocktail, a blender, milk – 3 liters of banana – 3 pcs. This amount taken in three approximately equal doses during the day. Drink water the installed on the fasting days amounts.

Prohibited such a possibility, people, obesity, allergy to banana, as well as the presence of the acute intestinal diseases. Contraindications chronic course of pathological processes in the kidney, pancreas, liver, diabetes.


diet milk

Vegetables contain fiber, to actively clean the intestines. They also contain many vitamins, mineral substances, promote the body. All varieties selected varieties with a low content of starch. It's cabbage, zucchini, carrots. You'll be able to spend the fasting day, pumpkin, beetroot.

It is advisable to use raw vegetables in form of salads, to which add a little vegetable oil, but not salt. Just use 1.5 kg of vegetables spread over the day, so you don't have strong feelings of hunger.

Out of the cereals

The various cereals included in the list of foods recommended by nutritionists for the compilation of a balanced diet. The useful properties allow the fasting day is the use of certain kinds of grain, receiving at the same time, in addition to the weight loss and other positive results. Drinking water, not less than 2 liters.

The buckwheat

Buckwheat is known to the content rich vitamin, mineral substance complex, so the organization more useful support. In addition, the grain filled, then the sense of hunger is almost not there.

Note that buckwheat is not cooked. Preparation of porridge, which the evening Cup of cereals pour boiling water (0.5 liters), keep under cover, covered with a warm hat until the morning. To eat, no additives, distributed to the desired number of servings. Significant weight loss these mono-diet is not to be expected, however, it is possible to lose almost a kilo in weight.


Rice has a beneficial effect on the body to eliminate salt deposits, toxins, and relieve the swelling. Rice pudding is cooked on the basis of the following ratio – the glass of semolina, 400 ml water, without additives, in particular, there is no way salt. We recommend that you divide it into three parts, although it may be that, even if hard to bear, if a long time without food.

This grain is not suitable for people with digestive problems, demonstrating the chronic constipation.

The cereal

Oats are well-known positive effect on the liver. The porridge is a common product fasting day, as able for a long time to maintain the feeling of satiety. Since the vitamin content of the skin gradually acquires a healthy and fresh look. Oatmeal helps normalize the stomach. The set in fiber will help your bowels to get rid of the toxins.

Although often advised to cook porridge on the water, 200 g of oat flakes (the same amount of whole grains), some nutritionists recommend that milk, which increases the absorption of part of the grain protein. It should be noted that the whole grain rather than the grain, since more nutrients.

Protein fasting day

The main protein and unloading is very hearty, but no less effective. It is believed that this shake-up allows the body to increase the metabolic process in the direction of increased utilization of fat reserves and its own carbohydrates.

Lean meat – poultry, beef contains the complete protein, the vitamins, the complete range of fats, proteins, carbohydrates. Contains vital trace elements. The beneficial effects expressed in the muscle, strengthens the immune system, support the functioning of the stomach, weight reduction.

It is impossible, in practice, mono protein diet for people with pathological changes in the liver, the kidney. To sell the different products.


The daily diet includes lean beef 400 grams, which is boiled without salt, then divide it into five parts.

The chicken

diet green tea

Choice of chicken, don't focus on breast boiled, without skin, without salt. The total deposits of would be required for 700 grams, divided into six receptions.

The egg

Egg protein contains almost all amino acids, health, easy to digest food. The yolk of an egg with more vitamins: B3, improves the activity of the brain, stimulates the blood circulation; N, promotes the health of the hair, the skin. The use of yolk normalize the hemoglobin.

Eat boiled eggs. Note that welded soft-boiled egg yolks is absorbed faster than the king. Increase the cholesterol right eat eggs is not affected. The advantage of this method is low-calorie. Despite this, there is a feeling of fullness, so the fast days easy. A day to eat no more than three eggs. You can include in your diet vegetables, fruits.

The fasting day, tea, water

The most active the body is clear, accordingly, lose unwanted pounds, if the discharge is arranged in the fluid, which works as green tea, milk tea or plain water. Such techniques are attractive because of the simplicity and available.