Secrets to fast weight loss after 40 years

How to reduce weight very important issue for women of all ages. No matter how much you press, the more beautiful they don't, it is still desirable to reduce the number of the scales. The age of lose weight fast – is not an easy task. Why is this happening? This is due to the fact that after 30 decrease in metabolism, remains of this age to live according to the old customs, adhere to the correct menu, you inevitably come to gain weight. Then, how to lose weight after 50 years (40, 30)? The answer to this question, and to this article.

Characteristics of the organization

how to lose weight

In order to properly relatively quickly start to lose weight, it is important to understand that the woman's body after 40. And knowledge is power.

So arranged by nature, that after a certain age the body can no longer work in the same way that a few years ago: a well-known fact – after 30, every 10 years, the metabolism is reduced on average by 10%. In addition to the metabolism, decrease the energy consumption. Yes, a woman, a lot to do on the farm, but it's not as easy to pull it out of the house at least an ordinary walk. The new conditions of the body, the old habits – calories do not have time to burn, as a logical consequence of the problem of overweight.

Exacerbating the situation is the presence of diseases that also affect metabolism and general health. The overweight and poor diet add to the already purchased bouquet a few diseases, for example atherosclerosis, pain in joints, diabetes, etc.

A woman's body after 40 years, requiring daily use of a lot more waterthan you're probably used to. This is a very important point, because a dehydrated body can cause a variety of problems in the body. Diet contain large amount of proteins, vitamins (especially calcium), the use of saturated fats in large amounts of carbohydrates is better to abstain.

Vision, overweight

Extra pounds known to many negative consequences. And, as it turns out, blurred vision. The Modern research has shown that overweight is a reason that even the loss of vision due to the fact that blood free radicals in this case is significantly increased, and they have a negative effect on the eyes. In addition, it reduced the number of pigments to protect the eyes from harmful effects.

In the following chain: being overweight causes diabetes, which, in turn, for the reason that the vision deteriorates, is destroyed, the retina.

The adipose tissue capable of growth, even in the field, thereby increasing the pressure and, as consequence, deteriorating the vision.

The release of the estrogen – another consequence of excess weight. How does it affect the vision? As a result, such a leap hormone risk of inflammation of blood vessels, including the eyes.

Your diet fasting days

This item requires special attention. It has long been known that starvation does not help weight loss, the opposite is true. A rigid diet to become out of the body, to further reduce the metabolism. Add to that the fact that the age can get rid of the fat, it's getting harder and harder (due to the lowering of the voice), then not only the futility of such a ravenous day, and even more weight gain. Therefore, dear ladies, sometimes sitting down on a hard diet, then you are stuck, don't be surprised, "I don't the crowd go".

To lose weight quickly, easily, of course, will not work. Have the patience to correctly and smoothly.

The effect of the psychological factors

weight loss after 40

"Why don't you lose weight?" the answer to this question is not just the physiological reasons. Psychological background directly affect your weight. Give a very graphic example. The state of the love pounds disappear by themselves. What's the reason? It's simple: love brings a new interest in life, increase vitality, more energy, that taken unwanted fat reserves.

The conclusion might be that a it is important to maintain the taste of life is constantly find new passion. This condition will help you to get rid of the excess weight.

The basic rules of weight loss after 40

So where do I start, what do you need to pay attention to the issue of weight loss woman moved from a dead point?

The first thing you should do is to consult your doctor (endocrinologist, gynaecologist). Why? Let's start with the changes to the innermost self. If any violation of the hormonal levels, diet, a healthier menu is not going to help. So, first, make sure there are no health problems.

Next directs your gaze to the daily menu, and radically change the usual system of supply. Your new diet need to follow the following rules:

  • You need to refrain from eating fried, greasy. Better, if you prefer boiled, steamed products. You can also bake the dish, but without using oil (with the use of special paper, foil or Mat).
  • Eat should be approached wisely correctly. Case "not run out" occurs when there is no diet. Make sure to eat every 3 — 4 hours, in the case of metabolism should be kept at the appropriate level for the entire day, instead of jumping, if you eat rarely.
  • Doses small be to do not overload the body, including the pancreas.
  • Losing weight after 40 years, I don't necessarily completely give up sweets. Suffice it to say, to reduce the consumption of sugar. No casualties, a sharp rejection of the sugar substantially increase the fall risk.
  • Enter the menu, foods low in glycemic index, and minimize consumption of high. What is the glycemic index? In simple words, it measures how fast carbohydrates are digested and how fast it increases blood sugar. The smaller this index is, the more convenient for the body during digestion.
  • As already mentioned, the diet must focus on proteins and complex carbohydrates.
  • Don't forget the water. You need to drink, not when I wanted, as always. Feeling thirst is a sign of dehydration. In particular, it is important to avoid this woman after 40. So, I look at the daily use, approximately 2 liters of water.
  • The menu should include lots of vegetables, fruit, dairy products. Try to eat less meat, but more fish, seafood.
  • It is not necessary to hurry up. A meal for at least 20 minutes, without having to distract me (TV, books, computer, etc.). Eating consciously, you'll be satisfied faster.
  • If you're watching the calories, so I recommend to stay around 1500 Calories a day. It's not hard to limit yourself to 900 Calories, but don't forget, what are the consequences of this menu.
  • The rule "don't eat after 6" to blame. It is important that the last meal 3 hours before bedtime. In extreme cases, is allowed one hour before going to bed drink a glass of yogurt.

Proper diet does not reduce the food, to the change of the quality.

He started to eat, I don't expect changes immediately, the body needs time to the output of the accumulated products on the harmful toxins. To help him in this setting in the gastrointestinal tract.

the proper nutrition

Last (not least) element in active position in life. The Sport is an integral part of your life. No one is forcing you, every day 10 km (which is bad), if you don't like. Enroll in swimming, dancing, fitness, etc. The selection of currently is great for any woman to find something that will satisfy. Losing weight after 40 years, it is important to include in your exercise program, and at least 2-3 times a week.