The green tea helps you lose weight

Any nutritionist will tell you that neither the green nor the other tea way to weight loss is not possible, and lay a hope that only this is the useful drink, not worth it. But to use the unique properties of the anti-obesity fight, as well as the exercise and the proper nutrition necessary.

What is the significance of that green tea?

green tea for weight loss

One of the main properties of not fermented tea, which is important for weight loss — toning. It is no coincidence that the extract doesn't contain a lot of pharmaceutical killers, the fat, the amount of caffeine, a natural sedative, the composition of the green tea, even coffee. However valuable these substances are not in themselves, but only as an aid to good stamina, the diet or the increased exercise.

As we know, even when the excessive calorie intake, a person may experience hunger, because the body lacks the important nutrients. So rich of micro element composition of the green tea helps to reduce hunger pangs, if you restrict your calorie intake, simply because it is for the body of vitamins K, C, PP, B group, minerals— copper, iodine, potassium. It should be noted that the zinc, the deficiency of which is addictive to the sugar.

Not fermented tea, especially in combination with spices, activates the metabolism, which is very useful, because it reduces the body weight. It effectively removes the toxins and helps cleanse the body from decomposition products of the fats and prevents the accumulation of fat. Finally, fat depots are not only energy, but also places of storage of dangerous substances, which the body does not throw out previously.

Mild diuretic effect of tea, which is more pronounced in combination with skim milk, also promotes weight loss, but not due to the loss of adipose tissue, the connection to eliminate the excess fluid. Especially useful drink for those who suffer from swelling of the face, extremities. By the way, those most full of people.

Another important property of green tea is the ability to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood. As a result, decreases the level of insulin, a hormone that actually inhibits fat breakdown. Supports normal blood sugar levels, it is important to reduce the appetite, and normalizes metabolism. Thus, the green tea helps you not to overeat and to fully absorb the nutrients, food, we can't leave them in the fat storage.

So, the green tea is very rich in vitamins, minerals, is a refreshing and diuretic effect, enhances the metabolism, and carbohydrate metabolism, therefore, the valuable product is the weight loss. The type and manufacturer of tea doesn't matter, but what matters is the quality.

How to prepare green tea?

Not fermented tea is fully revealed in all its useful taste properties, it is necessary to properly beer. Before cooking the green tea, prepare two teapots, one of which may be small — a third desired volume, and the second should be to hold a drink the entire episode. Proceed according to the following scheme:

  1. Hot and the carafe with hot water.
  2. One of the do the dry tea leaves on the basis (how many will be able to your fingers) of a person.
  3. A third, the last volume pour hot water temperature of 70-80 degrees, let stand for 5 minutes.
  4. Pour the tea in a second vessel, the tab re-pour the same amount of water.
  5. Let it cook a second batch for 7 minutes, then pour a second kettle.
  6. The third beer, the same tea the first ship, not less than 7 minutes, pour.
  7. The tea can be consumed.

So you pour the tea leaves three times, but at the same time a dose of tea. The water in the process, to heat up all the time to cook the tea liquid to the desired temperature. Both of the kettle, it is important to keep warm, to drink remains hot.

Green tea weight loss advisable to drink it without sugar, and caloric sweeteners.

Sweet tooth add the sugar substitute, and in two versions — a ready-made tea extract, which may be tablets, or powder, or leaves, when cooked. The sweetener stevia is absolutely safe for your health figure. In fact, this herbal sweetener is in itself useful properties of regulates carbohydrate metabolism, promotes weight loss.

Of course, it is not always possible, each dose of tea, cook twenty minutes. Possible and less complicated option:

  1. Warm the teapot, the necessary number of portions.
  2. Pour desired amount of dry raw material to fill the container with hot water from the third volume.
  3. Infuse for 5-7 minutes, pour the water to the brim, and then pour into cup.

The tea to enhance the taste, you can add the mint, lemon balm, or other herbs. The weight loss use recipes spices, milk, honey, citrus. The many options you can choose one or more to use them under a special scheme, or just drink green tea 2 to 6 times a day. Some nutritionists recommend to replace the usual drink green tea.

Recipes, tea, ginger

green tea

Almost all the recipes in the slimming tea is located in the root, not the exception, green tea. A perfect match to the spicy root, or to taste, and properties. Ginger tea has the following properties:

  • activation of the metabolism;
  • promote toxins excretion;
  • increase the intestinal peristalsis;
  • sounds, as well as improve the general condition.

Hot, warm, and chilled soda. A lot of recipe that this drink:

  1. Simple. Rinse the carafe with hot water, add tea leaves, pour hot water, then immediately add the thinly sliced ginger root, the ratio of a slice, a glass of tea. Pouring a glass one by one, add the lemon drink will be not only tasty, but also more useful. If you prefer sweet tea, add sugar substitute.
  2. The traditional. A piece of ginger root the size of 2x2 cm, pour juice of 1/4 lime or lemon and a glass of water, boil for 10 minutes. Cooked in the usual way tea, add the lemon-ginger water, honey (it's important not to forget that the honey — calorie, carbohydrate product, and the quantity of the diet needed to control).
  3. Mint. 20 grams of ginger, boil a quarter of an hour a glass of water, pour the decoction of dried materials: tea leaves, a few mint leaves and/or lemon balm, leave for 5-6 minutes. A refreshing drink will work, if we add to each Cup of orange juice 1/2 orange, sugar substitute.
  4. Garlic. A very original recipe that is suitable only for healthy people, without any problem the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, liver. Put it in a thermos (each dose tea) sliced 2 cloves of garlic 15-20 grams of ground ginger, pour the prepared tea. I insist on an hour, drain. It can be drunk both hot or chilled. This drink will not only help you to lose weight, but an excellent antidote to parasites, cold.
  5. Indian. Cooked in the usual manner of ginger tea, add 1-2 cardamom pods and sweetener. Add the milk, the ratio is 1 part milk to 2 parts tea. Bring to a boil, cool, then re-heat to hot.
  6. Warming. Chopped ginger (about 15-20 g per dose) mix with a pinch of cinnamon, sticks, clove, a few cardamom pods, pour this prepared tea, and cook on low heat for 15 minutes. The Cup you can add sweetener and a slice of lime or lemon.

The fresh root in these recipes substitute dried ground. The amount of spice in this case, the selected according to your taste, based on the average rate — about half a teaspoon of herbs to a Cup of tea.

Don't overdo it with the ginger root. Don't drink tea, all day with – to one or two cups, which is equivalent to 15-20 grams of fresh root or 4-5 g dry.

The green tea consumption of ginger is contraindicated for people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract, pregnant and lactating women. The diseases of the circulatory system or diabetes, consult your doctor about the advisability of drinking the drink. Refrain from ginger, green tea, in the evening, as the pronounced tonic effect, prevents to fall asleep.

Green tea with cinnamon

Another popular spice, known for their restorative and warming effect of cinnamon. It combines very well with green tea, other spices, honey, citrus fruits, to drink the weight loss to a fragrant, pleasant taste. Cook according to the following recipe:

  1. Simple. The easiest, if brewed green tea is added to the kettle half a teaspoon or cinnamon stick. Of course, the best, this drink combines the heart, but slimming is more suitable for stevia.
  2. The milk. To the green tea, pour it in a glass of 2/3, top up to the brim skim milk, add sweetener and 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon.
  3. Lemon. Beer, green tea, cinnamon, described in the first recipe, before serving, add honey, a lemon wedge. You can use the lemon, but just the peel (or the peel of any other citrus fruits) — a kettle with tea, cinnamon, the drink, only the taste, but not the sourness.
  4. Honey. Although honey itself is high in calories, green tea with cinnamon to reduce sugar cravings. If you don't abuse this drink, it's possible to use the weight loss. Just beer, green tea, cinnamon when it cools down to 60 degrees, add 1 tsp.the honey.
  5. Spicy. Mix half a teaspoon of cinnamon, sliced ginger root, a pinch of black pepper, green tea, a Cup of hot water, brew for 5-7 minutes, add honey to taste. Perfect drink for the cold season, which not only warms you up, then select voices, but suppresses hunger and reduces cravings. If you drink this tea in the morning, fun is guaranteed.

Like any other drink, spices, green tea, cinnamon suitable for people who have no problems with the digestive system.

Like ginger tea, green tea, cinnamon, it is not necessary to drink constantly. He is most correct in the morning.

Green tea with milk

recipes, green tea

Very popular weight loss the green tea with milk. Unlike the recipe, the spices, does not irritate the stomach, well tolerated, even those people who suffer from any diseases of the digestive system. Effective weight loss within two weeks, instead of the dinner, I just drink, drink, two-thirds consisting of green tea, and a third, milk, sweetened with honey. The result is usually 2-3 kg.

Also times a week to arrange fasting days, the milk tea. In this case, beer, tea the day, as follows: 4 teaspoons of green tea decoction with 1.5 liters of hot milk, to insist 20 minutes and filtered. You can add a sugar substitute or honey. In addition, tea, allowed only water.