Lemon essential citrus-diet assistant

Lemon for weight loss is used both in traditional and in folk medicine.

Citric acid improves the digestive system.

Interacting with different acids, enzymes, promotes better digestion, stimulates the secretion of gastric juice.

The lemon contains pectin, which coats the intestinal wall, and prevent to make it through to the various.

Lemon is able to suppress the hunger.

The Vitamin C increases the immunity, improves the digestive system.

Citrus fruits – the warehouse of mineral substances, vitamins.

Because of the complex composition of vitamins group A, B, P, zinc, boron, copper, exotic fruit is an essential component of recipes of the weight reduction.

The beneficial properties of citrus

lemon weight loss
  • the vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system;
  • promotes weight loss, improves health;
  • thank you for the ascorbic acid facilitates better iron absorption, which is a good trend, for the prevention of anemia;
  • it strengthens the bones, prevents osteoporosis;
  • reduces the common cold.

Methods to get rid of the excess

Nutritional noticed that the yellow fruit in combination with other products and, in itself, reduce the appetite and fight obesity.

Methods weight loss many.

But, to proceed to the selection of any special diet after consulting the doctor.

Lemon water

The Ancient from India to us the ritual fasting of warm lemon water.

The tradition of yoga it is recommended that the water lemon with weight loss and removal of toxic substances and toxins from the body.

The preparation of the drink:

  • 250 ml of warm purified water;
  • 2 tablespoons orange juice, exotic fruit, or half of a citrus fruit.

The water-diluted lemon juice, and drink it in the morning.

Healing potion, improves digestion, relaxes the stomach, helping the constipation.

Lemon water stabilize the blood sugar level, improves metabolism, rejuvenates the body, helps to reduce the weight.

Lemon ginger

Due to the properties of the fat burning ginger ale is rightly called effective product for weight loss.

But it stimulates the appetite, so taking food is recommended after meals.

The recipe: the lemon, then cut in half.

1 part to squeeze the juice, the second cut into thin slices, and put them into the teapot.

Same here, add the peeled ginger root, sliced.

Pour the ingredients for the citrus juice, pour off boiling water.

Within 10 minutes, the drink drinking beer.

Lemon-ginger weight loss together in a strange, but pleasant flavor and help to add variety to the diet menu.

Honey-lemon tea

The citrus removes the excess cholesterol.

The honey is a mild laxative effect, gives strength, increases immunity.

Lemon honey weight loss normalizes the functioning of liver and help dissolve entering the body fats.

The participation, they have developed a number of methods to get rid of excess weight:

  1. The fasting days. Viable option that allowed her to eat daily 1 kg of juicy fruits, enjoy the green tea or 3-4 tbsp. drink honey with lemon. Not willing to vegetables, it is possible, therefore, to increase the effectiveness of your weight loss. Daily is recommended to drink 2 liters of liquid.
  2. Morning frolic. 0,5 hours after the morning meal you should drink a Cup of freshly prepared honey-lemon drink. Recipe healing Grit: 250 ml water + 1 tbsp. the citrus juice + 1 tablespoon liquid honey. The help normalize the metabolic processes, and triggers fat-burning, provided that the full compliance with the nutritional program, weight loss.


Even the Tibetan monks, these are the components of the weight loss, because ginger can enhance the fat burning properties of honey, lemon.

Recipe concentrate, 3 in 1:

  • ginger root – 120 g;
  • lemon – 4 Pcs.;
  • honey – 120 g

Slices of peeled ginger, and citrus fruits crushed with a blender, add honey, mix thoroughly, put in a clean container.

drinks, lemon

Store the concentrate in a sealed bottle in the fridge.

2 times a day, 1 tsp. the mixture before meals.

The drink is quick to prepare:

  • 3 tablespoons of grated ginger root;
  • 1 litre cold filtered water;
  • juice of 1 lemon;
  • 1 tablespoon of honey.

Ginger root boiled in boiling water for 5 minutes.

As much time you need to give me a cold drink.

Strain the mixture, add honey to the citrus juice.

The drink is ready, you can enjoy the pleasant aroma.

Tip: lemon juice harm the enamel of the teeth, so after each use the fruit, you need to rinse your mouth.

Effective recipes for weight loss

The variety of recipes you choose something that suits the individual characteristics of the organism.

Lemon+green tea

The polyphenols in tea help to burn fat, speed up your metabolism.

Exotic fruit, increases the effects of green tea.

The preparation you will need:

  • 2 tablespoons of orange juice in the citrus fruit;
  • 300 ml of green tea.

Water should be brought to the boil, then let it cool to 80 °C.

A little tea, and let it work.

The hot drink you need to add lemon juice.

The tea is ready, you can begin to eat.

Lemon green tea reduces the sense of hunger and reduce the weight.

The drink diuretic properties that help to eliminate excess fluid from the body.

Contains caffeine, therefore it is not recommended to drink before bedtime, as it can contribute to insomnia.

It is not recommended for heartburn, acid, gout.

The women during the menstrual cycle contraindications to drinking green tea citrus fruit.

Cinnamon tea with lemon

Cinnamon combined with citrus fruit reduces cravings, slows the promotion of food to be eaten, the stomach, the intestine, helps the bloating, indigestion.

The studies revealed that these products reduce fat and promote weight loss.


  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice;
  • 250 ml of purified water;
  • a pinch of cinnamon.

The water to the boil, add the cinnamon and allow to steep for 20 minutes.

In the end, add the citrus juice.

Drink weight loss recommended warm before meals.

Exotic diet

1. option

Morning should start with a Cup of hot lemon drink.

The cooking process for each serving add grated on a fine grater lemon peel.

The juice in the first and second dishes, salads, sprinkled with more fish, meat.

At least 4 times a day you need to eat fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts.

Low-fat fish rich in unsaturated fatty acids, and is recommended.

In rare cases, you can eat a piece of veal, lamb, pork or beef.

The regular meals thoroughly chewing the food, and you may find that the practice helps to normalize the metabolism, which is the weight loss.

2. option

The program is more rigorous and is recommended only in the absence of enough diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

It's interesting to know!

The Western media published an article that Beyonce Knowles – the star of the American stage, dancer, singer and a famous model within 10 days of lemon diet 9 kg.

The point is that such an attractive weight loss methods?

During the diet you should drink only lemonade prepared in the home, clean water, or tea.

Drink recipe: 1 tbsp. water mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, add as many tablespoons of maple syrup and a little Cayenne pepper.

The lemonade is prepared before use.

Daily is recommended to drink 1-2 tablespoons.

When you exit the program required a gentle diet for 3 days.

At this time the diet should include soups made of vegetables, fruits, vegetables, fresh diluted citrus fruit juice.

However, we recommend that the vitamins A, B, K.


The result of the weight loss can be seen immediately, but the stomach, this drink is not to your liking.

You have to choose.

Nutritional we recommend that you use this technique often more than 1 time within 3 months.

The use of lemon essential oil

tea with lemon

The oil is taken orally, is easy to use aromatherapy as well as cosmetic procedures.

Dosage instructions:

  • inhalation aromatherapy to 3-5 drops of essential oil.
  • when you pack, and compress it is recommended to add 5 drops of oil on the tools used.
  • massage fund fund – 10 ml cream – 10 g essential oil – 5 drops
  • bath, adding to water 3 drops of oil diluted in a fatty cream.

Before using essential oils, you need to carefully study the instructions.

Not apply to pregnant women, people suffering from asthma or allergic reactions.

This product is the weight loss depends on the individual characteristics of each.

The positive results can be obtained as a result of quality essential oils, natural remedies.